Space Skilling Saturday 56 (Sparse Horrors, sparser loot)

Location:- Arkadian Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Nightequus II.

Wolta took the helm and piloted us away from the station just at Nocturaline arrived in her newly purchased Equus. Both my crew now have one of these, I did consider it but decided against.

It was not long until Wolta had us busy in Engineering and reported that there were many Cosmic Horrors about tonight (breeding like rabbits), she also reported not seeing another vessel skilling which may account for the surfeit of mobs. My first visit to the guns was in the top right turret, the loot was poor. My second visit was to the bottom right rear gun, Wolta did much better with this gun this week and it took very little time to kill off the herd, again loot was poor. Shortly after Wolta suffered a disconnect, leaving us drifting in space for a couple of minutes. Not long after I killed the last herd before taking the Helm.

I struggled to find Horrors, Wolta was on the very edge of the training ground and quite a lot z+, I moved the ship toward the centre of the training grounds and more towards 0 of the z axis picking up a handful of Horrors on the way. Once in the middle there was still a lack of mobs. I did spot Varyag a couple of times near the middle of the zone. Eventually I stumbled onto a fairly close group which I picked up and added to the herd I had in tow. This gave some decent skills for a while but was too big for the repair crew to keep pace with the damage. Killing them off was even harder and took 3 visits to the turret. Again the loot was poor. I had a chance to collect a 2nd group before the end of my session, you can make a guess about the loot.

Nocturaline took over from me, damage was slow at first but soon picked up and it was time to visit a turret, bottom rear left was selected, I’m not sure but it seems the targeting of these turrets is fussier than the other turrets. I visited the turrets twice more during a session where Nocturaline struggled to find mobs. I had no luck whatsoever.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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