Space Skilling Saturday 55 (Fecund those Cosmic Horrors)

Location:- Arkadian Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil, NIN and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads bite the pillow

An old friend was joining us today but had a quad flight from Calypso and would not arrive until late.

We began on time with Wolta at the helm, she reported some difficulty finding the Horrors again. While capturing the first few NIN arrived and after that there seemed to be more to find, fairly sure the 2 things are not connected, if they are it don’t want to know why! It was not long until I was called to a turret and fortunately the last mob gave a small global. I got to kill another batch before Wolta relinquished control to NIN. With there being 4 pilots it was only 45 minute sessions in the chair.

NIN soon found a ready made group of Horrors, we suspect they were left by another ship out skilling, she told us that she was not seeing any skills and in spite of offers by me to kill them continued to take damage from them, consequently we were all kept busy in repair. I tried to kill them at the very end of her session but she would not manoeuvre close enough, it was a lot to expect from a Rookie, I think a small training session is on the cards.

Nocturaline was next to the helm and the first thing we did was destroy the herd NIN had been taking damage from. Nocturaline soon built up a nice group, clearly the Horrors had been busy since last week, breeding like rabbits, well rabbits with tentacles anyway. I’m called to the turret twice more during Nocturaline’s stint but got only poor loots.

Next and last was my turn, initially I found lots of Horrors and when I moved to the turret got the smallest global and a decent loot. Later the Horrors became hard to find again but i managed another session in the turret and another decent loot before returning to the station. Wolta and Nocturaline logged and I dealt with the loot, a nice profit with a return of about 125%.

I had spoken with NIN earlier and offered a quick training session after we finished but she was AFK, I cannot help wondering if she went AFK at the same time as the Horrors became hard to find, either that or they all went somewhere for some tentacle rabbit sex! I stayed logged on while I wrote this log but there was no sign of life so logged and published.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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