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Space Skilling Saturday 195 (At Arkadia)

Start Location:- Arkadia Space Station.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present: Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:-  Sleepyheads are at it again!

It was easy to be ready tonight, I was already aboard ship.

Wolta’s hour:- Varyag is sported. On my way from the guns to repair rubber banding caused me to get stuck part way in a wall, I had to press T. Wolta hears a ship explode towards the end of her hour. Wolta reports she is listening to William Sheller. Kills 20 for a 10 and an 8 PED loot.

Cee’s hour:- I think I pick up part of the stack of whoever’s ship exploded as I get no skills. Falling asleep at the helm! Skills seem OK but loot was low. Kills 40 for a 10 and a 12 PED loot.

Nocturaline’s hour:- Reports no Horrors to be seen at first. Varyag spotted after first visit to the guns. 2.21% on Captain. Kills 37 for a 14 PED loot.

A loss of 103 PED being a return of 46%.

I teleport to the Arkadian surface to stash what loot I did get. Next week we stay at Arkadia.


Space Skilling Saturday 194 (Can lightning strike twice? Stupid question.)

Start Location:- Crystal Palace.
Time:- 1750 MA.
Present: Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:-  Sleepyheads are at it again!

Keeping the same team name (just in case). I arrived in good time and moved the ship to the Space Station ready to summon. We depart early with Kahlan joining as we pass Crystal Palace but departing within seconds and without a word. We are beginning a global tour of the planets with Training Grounds, if we global we move to the next one in an anticlockwise direction, stupid I know but it’s something different to do and I’m curious how long we will be stuck at Next Island. We encounter the Cosmic Horrors at 1808.

Wolta’s hour:- At 1820 Nocturaline and Phil disconnect for about 3 minutes, Nocturaline reports experiencing severe lag prior to being disconnected. Kills 25 for a 12 PED loot.

Cee’s hour:- Kills 40 for an 11 PED loot needless to say the rest was poor though skills seemed ok. Some Rubber banding when at the helm and lots of target and loot lag at the guns! Hard work with so many lag issues.

Nocturaline’s hour :- kills 45 for a 51 PED Global on a Cosmic Horror Mature (Lightning does strike twice but the second one was feeble). Lots of ammo wasted due to lag on the guns. Nocturaline had to leave the seat to assist in repair on both of my visits to the guns.

Nocturaline takes us to Crystal Palace where I stash tonight’s loot before she warps us to Arkadia Space Station.

This week’s result is a loss of 82 PED and a return of 76%.

Space Skilling Saturday 135 (Space HoF!)

Start Location:- Calypso Space
Time:- 1800 MA .
Present:- Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads sleeping on the job

Nocturaline and Phil are still on shore leave, with no one else arriving before our scheduled departure Wolta takes us out bang on time. There was no sign of any hostiles leaving Calypso Space Station or passing through the Crystal Palace safe zone.

Wolta’s hour begins at 1817 when we engage the Cosmic Horrors, I am kept quite busy in Engineering, it requires constant attention when there is only one repairer as it is necessary to change which area is being repaired frequently, fortunately both of the repair points are in the same location so no running from place to place. The first session at the guns is to slay just 4 Horrors and the second just 8 but there is a HoF on a Cosmic Horror Mature of 1907 PED, our first space HoF after all this time, I think we will be sticking with this team name in the future! Unfortunately Tracker captured only an all black screen shot but here is the log and picture taken by my tablet of the HoF Board:-

First Space HoF2016-08-20 19:17:31 [Team] [] Cee received Shrapnel (7662625).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received a Arsonistic Chip I (L).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received Advanced Leather Extractor (61).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received Animal Adrenal Oil (130).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received Animal Muscle Oil (1153).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received Animal Eye Oil (1363).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received Animal Oil Residue (6476).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Globals] [] Team “Sleepyheads sleeping on the job” killed a creature (Cosmic Horror Mature) with a value of 1907 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [System] [] [59418, 66966, -309]
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received a Rad Conveyor.
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received a Vacuum Flux Energy Generator.
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received Weak Cloth Extractor (18).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [Team] [] Cee received Weapon Cells (8814147).
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [System] [] Entropia Universe time: 2016-08-20 19:17:39
2016-08-20 19:17:32 [System] [] Session time: 01:50:03

We didn’t even celebrate, I think we were too stunned to realise what had happened plus with just two of us aboard we had to stay focused.

Immediately after the Horrors were dispatched it was time to swap pilot but first we both went to Engineering and brought the ship to full repair.

My hour was interesting in a different way, Wolta had advised the prudent course of action was to return to Crystal Palace and store the loot before continuing. Of course she was right but I did not fancy the 30 minute round trip and decided that if we were attacked I would probably have to time to log or at least convert the Shrapnel to Universal Ammo so the risk was taken. I found a decent amount of Horrors, skill gains seemed reasonable though loot was obviously low, unusually I did not mind one bit. I had three visits to the guns killing 14, 10 and 8 Horrors respectively before taking us back to Crystal Palace where I stowed the loot and Wolta logged for the evening (there is a reason we are called “The Sleepyheads”).

Gain for the evening was +1841 PED, the return is difficult to calculate I was using Weapon Cells and not Universal Ammo so after receiving such a lot of Weapon Cells as loot it is impossible to get this right but a guess is about 1200%.

I then warped the ship to Arkadia to pick up some gold ingots won on auction a week or so ago, with these I upgraded the ships SI. After this another warp to Rocktropia as I had a good feeling about the Kongs but for that you will need to see my personal log.



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