The charges are flexible so as to reduce overall price. All fees are negotiable so please do not hesitate to ask, it may be possible to make a better deal for you.

Warp Fees*

  • 25 PED for the first warp jump.
  • 20 PED for the second warp jump.
  • 15 PED for the third and each subsequent warp jump.

*These fees are for a single series of warps and are not a “frequent flyer” discount. They include a pilot who will summon you from a planet’s surface (when necessary) and take you to any Space Station or in space rendezvous. Off-line transport is available, the ship’s status is viewable when off-line in the twitter panel at the top of the rightmost column. I do not charge for pickups.

Optional Repair Crew Hire when available. The fees listed below will be passed on to the repair crew to help cover their costs.

  • +1 PED per Warp for each crew member using an RK-5.
  • +2 PED per Warp for each crew member using an RK-20.

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