Crew warp transport

Knowing that both Nocturaline and Wolta had goods requiring transport to Calypso I offered a warp from Arkadia to Crystal Palace for the core of my loyal crew. It did not take long until they were both aboard, fully loaded and logged off.

I set off toward Arkadia at sub-warp speed and as I was taking the ship to warp was attacked by a hostile quad, with no one repairing and no one sitting in a turret the ship would survive a persistent attacker so I turned about and headed back toward the space station whilst sending word to my off line passengers via this site. The hostile gave chase briefly before stopping while I continued through the safe zone, after the hostile disappeared from my scope I continued through the safe zone only to see him reappear behind me and for him to again stop and wait. I continued until he had vanished from my scope a second time and then headed -z.

Once I was away from the station I engaged warp with the ship still damaged, emerging from warp I headed to Crystal Palace without further incident and once docked I posted my safe arrival here before repairing.

Wolta logged back in shortly after and left the ship, I waited for 75 minutes for Nocturaline to return but she did not. Somewhat annoying as it means the ship is tied up at Crystal Palace, I also have goods to transport and need to return to Arkadia but clearly not tonight.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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