Sub-warp to Arkadia and back

Tuesday the 1st. On login I found Nocturaline had left the ship so prepared for departure, I noticed a message on space travel asking for a warp from Calypso to Arkadia, I responded by a PM and waited about 10 minutes for a response, I didn’t get one. Would have been fortuitous.

I took the helm and steered away from Crystal Palace, once clear I moved away from the Galactic plane and set course for Zeus, just in case I did not have time to go all the way. The course was accurately set as I managed to crash into Zeus whilst not paying attention! It so happened that I did have time so set a new course for Arkadia Space Station.

I arrived and docked without issue though there was a hostile lurking. I was in no hurry and it was late so I logged.

Wednesday the 2nd. After collecting items from Arkadia I return to the ship and log off, Lizzy was available as planned and she transported me back to Crystal Palace.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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