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Training TigeRPaw

TigeRPaw had expressed an interest in Space Skilling, some time ago she did warp the ship see Warps: Rocktropia – Crystal Palace – Next Island so is not a complete novice however this was about two and a half years ago.

We took my Quad from the surface of Calypso to the Space Station and then onto Crystal Palace where from the Hanger we TP’d aboard, the ship being positioned too close to the asteroid to permit a direct transfer from the Quad.

From here TigeRPaw piloted the ship from dock to the Training Grounds while listening to my very basic instructions, once Horrors were spotted I stayed in a turret while she collected the first two before going to the repair stations. TigeRPaw collect five in total and once there were no more skills to be had was talked through positioning the ship ready for them to be killed, which was done successfully.

TigeRPaw repeated this without any further instruction, there was a hiccup in that I took a phone call that I could not hurry and we ended up with a little more than five Horrors and a ship very close to blowing from either repair point but we managed it. Unfortunately this did take quite a lot of time during which TigeRPaw gained no skills but some experience.

We went through the process a third time, this time eight Horrors were collected, drained and killed. After repairs I took the ship back to Crystal Palace while TigeRPaw was in Engineering and later in a turret.

The whole session lasted about one and three quarter hours and even resulted in a small profit. At Crystal Palace we went our separate ways. TigeRPaw may join us for Space Skilling Saturday once in a while.


Space Skilling Saturday 212 (At Calypso III)

Start Location:- Calypso Space Station.
Time:- 1855 MA.
Present: Nocturaline, Ntina, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads LongPIGS IN SPACE!

I do not have much time before the crew arrive but we manage to start ahead of schedule.

Wolta takes us to the training grounds via Crystal Palace. We encounter the Horrors at 1909

Wolta’s hour:- Poor loot during the first session, during the second session an almost global and a 98 PED Cosmic Horror Young. Wolta reports a 9.07 gain in Captain using a 100% skill pill.
Kills: 16 + 14,

Cee’s hour:-During the first session at the guns a 116 PED Cosmic Horror Young. The second session, I needed to leave the gun as not enough repair was being done. The Horrors were very nicely distributed especially at the start and I got a lot of skill messages, this is one of the best sessions at helm I have had in a long time.
Kills: 24 + 24

Nocturaline’s hour:- First stack had lost aggro and it took a while to get them all, also there was some bad loot lag. Nocturaline had difficulties finding the second stack. She reports a gain of 1.16% in Captain skill and 31% done towards VSE 49.
Kills: 19 + 14 + 1

Nocturaline takes us to Crystal Palace.

This week’s stats.
Kill total – 112
Balance – Gain of 115 PED
Return – 134%

Next week we will be Skilling in the Arkadia Training Ground.

Space Skilling Saturday 211 (At Calypso II)

Start Location:- Calypso Space Station.
Time:- 1845 MA.
Present: Nocturaline, Ntina, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads dream of summer

Arriving in time I move the ship from FOMA to Calypso Space Station where Nocturaline joins and Wolta is summoned from the surface. Wolta takes us out passing through the Crystal Palace Safe zone on the way to the Training Grounds. Why call them Training Grounds, clearly there is no ground involved surely it should be Training Zone.

We encounter the Horrors at 1859

Wolta’s hour:- Ntina joins at 1935, just minutes after the first session at the guns. Wolta reports reaching 178k in skills.
Kills: 14 + 13

Cee’s hour:- All seemed pretty average, loot was a little low but had improved from earlier.
Kills: 20 + 21

Nocturaline’s hour:- I was dumped just four Horrors into the second session at the guns. Nocturaline reports a gain of 1.08% in Captain skill.
Kills: 20 + 19

Nocturaline takes us to Crystal Palace.

This week’s stats.
Kill total – 107
Balance – Loss of 34 PED
Return -89%

After the session I had to the planet’s surface and begin the task of making Welding Wire, I intend to spend the week on the surface making supplies from Blueprints and materials.

Space Skilling Saturday 210 (At Calypso I)

Start Location:- Crystal Palace.
Time:- 1847 MA.
Present: Casper, Nocturaline, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads year 5 begins

I arrive with loads of time to spare, I was supposed to make some welding wire this week but couldn’t be arsed, I do have time to make some but again I couldn’t be arsed. Just as well as it turns out. I grab the accumulated gold from multiple auctions and my stash of bio id verification units and head to the ship which is at the Space Station where I upgrade the S.I. before heading to Crystal Palace where Nocturaline joins. I position the ship ready only to be asked if Casper can join, while I stash the bio id verification units at Crystal Palace, Nocturaline begins the journey back to the SS, I get back aboard before we leave Crystal Palace space and summon Wolta. Back at the space station Leroy Casper Hunter is summoned and with him aboard Wolta takes us to the training grounds. At some point in all that I had managed to create a team and invited everyone with instructions to the Sleepyheads to use Team Chat this week.

We encounter the Horrors at 1903

Wolta’s hour:- It takes a while to find some horrors once in the Training Ground. By the end she has managed a gain of 4.14% in Captain skill.
Kills: 14 + 16

Cee’s hour:- The Horrors were sparsely distributed and in gathering the first group I lost track of time, leaving me very little for the second group.
Kills: 24 + 9

Nocturaline’s hour:- I do not remember Nocturaline reporting anything, I do write a rough draft of this as we go but it is blank.
Kills: 22 + 13

This week’s stats.
Kill total – 102
Balance – Gain of 22 PED
Return -108%

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