Space Skilling Saturday 49 (man and woman down)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads, beware Santaclaws

We left on time with Wolta at the helm, Nocturaline and Phil had a family Christmas engagement so it was left to the old guard this week. Within minutes of entering the training zone it was obvious that the RK-5 was not going to get much use tonight, repairing solo is not an easy task especially while trying to write the ship’s log. I shall put it down and concentrate on the repairs and the coffee. I was called to the turret after about 20 minutes of Skilling, I tried the rear turret this week I normally use the front one but we need to practice using them all. Maybe in future I will just use a random turret and let the pilot adapt.

After about 40 minutes Wolta relinquished control to me after I killed the Cosmic Horrors she had collected. I spent the next hour switching between helm and turret. With the last 20 minutes being quite slow as Wolta made her dinner, I collected small groups as I had no repair available for a while but I still gained a few skills. The coffee definitely works, so does having a door open, it’s colder but I stay awake. I did get a couple of decent loots but no global.

Wolta took the helm for a second time and after gathering and getting the skills from a group of 3 Cosmic Horrors, she took to a gun whilst I took pilot briefly to enable her to kill and loot them, her first loot was a disappointing 17 nova, for some reason we find all nova loots funny so we both had a good laugh about it. After that it was back to engineering for me where there was soon plenty of work for me to do.

After about 40 minutes Wolta reported she was falling asleep, it’s not just me. I took the helm, rounded up the last few Cosmic Horrors and killed them before heading back to Crystal Palace, Wolta could not stay awake and logged after another 10 minutes or so.

The journey was uneventful and I docked inside the asteroid. On checking loot it looks like this week there was a small profit.

Warp, Arkadia to Crystal Palace.

After yesterday’s poor decision I decided to get to the Calypso system in haste as I had very little time available to me this evening. I wanted to partake in Merry Mayhem and I realised I was carrying a few lootable items so Crystal Palace storage was looking rather attractive.

The ship had been docked in its usual place, functioning as a marker at the edge of the safe zone around the Space Station on the way to the planet. So I just fired up the thrusters and headed straight for Arkadia before engaging the Warp drive. The ship reorientated it’s self and headed into warp right through the safe zone.

Emerging from warp quite close to Crystal Palace I fired the thrusters again and headed into the sage zone, docking this time inside one of the domes. Again I saw no other active ship.

Solo, Sub-warp, Cyrene to Arkadia

I was unsure where to go, we had to be close to an hunting zone for Space Skilling Saturday, it is only Thursday but I will have so little time tomorrow night. My choices were Calypso or Arkadia, Wolta had logged on the ship and Nocturaline had already gone to Arkadia so I figured Arkadia was the place to be.

It was about 20 minutes before I reached Arkadia that Nocturaline reminded me she would not be able to attend this week’s Space Skilling Saturday, my memory, Doh! I continued on and docked at Arkadia before logging.

The journey was without incident, I did not see another active ship.


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