Space Skilling Saturday 35 (Hunting at Next Island)

Location:- Next Island.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil & Myself

We left Calypso Space Station on time with Nocturaline at the helm, she took us to Next Island hunting grounds at warp. The pre-warp manoeuvres were unnecessary but entertaining.

Arriving in the middle of the hunting grounds has its advantages and it was not long until we were busy in Engineering, while I attempted to update my hand written log. I was hunting so when the Cosmic Horrors gave no more skills I jumped into a gun and killed them, almost blowing the ship the first time.

With Wolta at the helm things continued a pace in engineering and again I got to kill some Cosmic Horrors though we very nearly failed to loot the first group. Again we stopped to slay a few and at the end of Wolta’s stint I finished off what was left before taking the helm.

Skills were quite good, I did not try to slay or turret the Cosmic Horrors attacking the ship I just let them build up and at the end when I was getting very few skills I let them destroy the ship. We repaired and called it a night.

A good session but we need to practice the hunting side of this, there were several issues which caused me to waste ammo and none of it really went smoothly. I will talk with the Sleepyheads about methods and arrange some small practice sessions.

Sub-warp to Calypso

I headed away from Arkadia fairly early in the morning, having slept quite poorly I was not really with it. As I did not yet know the destination I headed for Erebos just because it is central. About 10 minutes into the flight Wolta came on line and after a brief discussion we decided to head to Calypso. Realising I had a few stackables on me from yesterday’s small hunt I deviated to Crystal Palace.

We did a little skilling in Gordon’s Belt on the way. When we were about an hour out I realised I was dozing off again so Wolta took the helm to prevent me from crashing into Calypso.

Crystal Palace was reached without issue and I deposited my stackables before we headed to Calypso Space Station and docked in our customary location before we headed to the surface in my quad. I did manage to crash into the pathfinder on the way, other than that it was a quiet journey.

Space Skilling Saturday 34 (The Sleepyheadiest!)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil & Myself.

We started on time which was a bit of a surprise considering the trip from Rocktropia. I took the first shift at the helm and found many Cosmic Horrors to aggravate, the skills were quite good though, at least I think so, I was feeling fairly ill and quite a lot is blurry.

Wolta was next up, her stint seemed to fly past for me, there was at least two trips to the station to turret some Cosmic Horrors. I’m fairly sure I remained awake for this part of the session.

Next up was Nocturaline, I was really struggling to remain conscious by now, I dozed off several times, waking each time to find the propulsion in need of repair. Finally I awoke to find no one aboard or on line and the ship docked at Arkadia Space Station. Sorry Nocturaline.


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