Space Skilling Saturday 107 (#sleepyheads issues resolved)

Start Location:- Rocktropian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Sword of Damocles

During the week I had raised a case about the #sleepyheads issues of last week, it was resolved within 24 hours. Good going.

We began on time though Kahlan was missing at that point. Wolta took us into the training grounds and took the first hour, we engaged the Cosmic Horrors at 1901 and at 1908 Wolta reported reaching level 17 Captain, big Gratz to her. Kahlan joins us at 1940. Loot was not good.

I take the 2nd hour, Kahlan has to leave temporarily. Cosmic Horrors seemed a little sparse to me and skill gain seemed slow, the only event of note was that at one point when I exited a turret I emerged in Engineering, clearly the seats are over complicated. Loot was not good.

Nocturaline has hour 3, she also reports that the Horrors are sparse. Kahlan reconnects for the remainder of the session. Loot was not good.

A loss of 111 PED this week, a return of just 60%.

Space Skilling Saturday 106 (#sleepyheads issues)

Start Location:- Rocktropian Space
Time:- 1859 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads support case pending

Wolta takes us to the Training Grounds and we engage the Cosmic Horrors at 1903, it’s a far better journey than at Calypso. Wolta is aiming for level 17 Captain this evening, we all wish her luck. Kahlan joins us shortly after, she says she has had problems joining #sleepyheads then goes afk for dinner. I try to work out why this has not worked. I spend almost all of Wolta’s hour trying to resolve this and get no where, /listmembers indicates an outstanding invite, /kick does not work as she has not joined, when Kahlan tries to join she gets “Error access denied”. Wolta does not reach level 17 in her hour so I extend it but Wolta declines this after a while.

My hour is slow, I find few Cosmic Horrors to begin and gain little skill, toward the end Wolta disconnects and does not return! Most odd.

Nocturaline is up for the last hour, we kill the first stack before Wolta returns about 2115 after having some computer issues, probably memory. During the last session at the guns we manage a small global.

Managed to pick up a generic fuse at some point so on reaching the Space Station, I take the TP to the surface, Nocturaline heads to Arkadia, Kahlan, Phil and Wolta log.

Not a bad session from the wallet’s point of view, a loss of 35 PED with a return of 88%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 105 (2nd Anniversary)

Start Location:- Rocktropian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads SSS 2nd Anniversary

With this session effectively being the 2nd Anniversary of Space Skilling Saturday (the actual day is the coming Monday), I had intended the core crew could have a drink of Ghost ship in the Ghost ship (yes we have our own beer), unfortunately it seems Nocturaline could not make it and neither could anyone else so it was just Wolta and myself out there in the big black. There was an event on Rocktropia I wanted to attend so decided we should stick to the regular 1 hour sessions at the helm and return to the planet an hour earlier than normal. As it happened I had confused the time and we landed on Rocktropia shortly after the event ended, I deserve an award!

Wolta takes the first hour and we leave the Space Station on time and engage the Cosmic Horrors at 19:04. With only 1 person in repair more concentration is required to continually keep both repair points in an equal state of repair, so I was unable to write this as I went and had to make do with some notes. Damage is consistent and I am summoned to the guns 3 times, the loot was rubbish every time.

I take the second hour and find there are plenty of horrors to collect but that the skill gains were slow, again the loot was poor on each of the 3 occasions I swapped seats to use the guns. Wolta did think I almost globaled at one point but I did not see it and the results do not indicate this. At the end of the hour I take us back to the Space Station where we return to the Rocktropian surface in my Quad.

A loss of 68 PED which was a return of just 50%, total loot was 69 PED so very difficult for there to have been a near global in there. Rather disappointing for the 2nd anniversary but Rocktropia makes up for it afterwards.


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