Space Skilling Saturday 85 (Close to a global but not close enough)

Location:- Graveyard Fields.
Time:- 1750 MA.
Present:- Antzy, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads crew the Ghostship.

This session began at Calypso Space Station and we had a potential new crew member (Antzy Angelove Heaven) trying out. By 1750 everyone was aboard so Wolta piloted us away from the dock and engaged warp for the journey to Graveyard Fields.

We began taking damage almost as soon as we arrived, Wolta kept us busy in Engineering and later reported that skill gains were not good. I had a few sessions as the guns with fairly low loots.

I took the second stint, skills seemed OK to me and Cosmic Horrors were easy enough to find, I did get a few decent loots during the killing sprees.

Nocturaline took the last shift, again Engineering was busy, she reported that skill gains were OK. In the turrets I did get an almost global, its been so long. At one point Nocturaline took so much damage that the ship almost blew, she left the seat and at that moment disconnected, as did Wolta. The damage kept on coming but we just managed to prevent disaster.

At the end we headed for Arkadia Space Station at Sub-warp with me at the helm, calculations showed this would take about 70 minutes, I was too tired for that so I engaged warp, emerging directly below and very close to the Space Station. After docking Antzy, Nocturaline Wolta and I descended to the planet in 2 Quads and an Equus which was fun, nice to fly in a group. Phil remained aboard, he lives there and may I add never cleans up, some weeks we are wading through empty and some not so empty pizza boxes. I’ll have to flush the ship soon!


Warp, Rocktropia to Crystal Palace

I needed to transport quite a lot of cargo to Crystal Palace. Fortunately Lizzy was available and so with me logged out she warped from Rocktropia to Crystal Palace. After she reported that there were no problems and no encounters.

Space Skilling Saturday 84 (Ghostship)

Location:- Graveyard Fields.
Time:- 1801 MA.
Present:- Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads – Ghostship

Nocturaline and Phil are still on planet leave so it was just Wolta and myself again this week.

When I logged in I noticed the ship had been repaired so I guessed Wolta was aboard although she was off-line I then noticed a message from Wolta telling me she was aboard.

Wolta arrived shortly and took the first shift, I was soon busy in Engineering, the Cosmic Horrors here are tougher than in the training zones. With 3 visits to the turrets and a couple of loots around the 40 PED mark things were looking good. I had failed to prepare properly and had only 50 PED of Ammo available, I was somewhat confused when I could no longer fire the guns as I had run out, I normally take 500 PED, clearly I had missed a 0 at some point.

Wolta took us to Erebos station for the break, during which I caught up a little on this log entry and made a small charge to the site.

I took us out for the second shift and by comparison with the first it was quite disappointing, Cosmic Horrors were plentiful and skill gains were good but loot had become quite poor. I did enjoy the session though with that many mobs preventing the ship’s destruction took some concentration.

After the session I headed back to Rocktropia as I needed to pick up a few things. Wolta stayed aboard for a while before succumbing to sleep, the natural state of a Sleepyhead.

This week’s return was 92.5% with a loss of 14.70 PED, a very pleasing result, I think we may be returning to this location in the future.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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