Space Skilling Saturday 71 (Forgot the Loot Pills!)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1750 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads or Sleepytails

I got on-line slightly early and positioned the ship so as to be ready for the sub-warp journey to the hunting grounds. Both Wolta and Nocturaline were ready early so after transporting them to the ship Wolta took the helm and headed to the training grounds.

On arrival it seems there was little to do in Engineering, I ask Wolta if there were many mobs, she tells us there are not. Shortly after this however things picked up in Engineering. Loot was poor throughout Wolta’s session. It was as I was about to begin the first session at a gun I realised I had carefully sorted out 3 loot pills and then equally carefully placed them in planet storage instead of personal, genius! I used the bottom rear guns for the 1st 2 of 3 visits to the guns. Wolta reported she has gained 7% captain after only 50 minutes even though there were not many Horrors.

Nocturaline took the second shift. She also had problems finding Horrors. I was called to the guns 4 times, again the loot was poor. Nocturaline reported a lack of Horrors though there were more – z. She gained 4.28 % of a level.

I took the last stint and have to agree, the Horrors were very thinly spaced and it took a lot of time to build a decent stack, I only visited the guns twice. Skill gains seemed quite good to me but once again I forgot to note my starting score.

The return trip to Rocktropia Space Station was uneventful.

We are considering going elsewhere next week.

Wolta listens to Arno (Belgian Rock), Nocturaline listens to an interview and I listened to Jazz Lineup and then Mike and Mike.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 70 (The Skill Pill Experiment)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads too tired to team

I began this week’s assault against the Cosmic Horrors leaving the station slightly early. On entering the training grounds I picked up 4 Horrors but promptly proceeded to not find any more until I had dragged those 4 a considerable distance. I had 3 sessions in the turrets, loot was not good with just one exception. Skill gains seemed a little on the low side.

Wolta took the next stint at the helm, I think she had better luck finding Horrors than I did as we were soon working quite hard in Engineering with consistent damage being taken by the ship. Again 3 visits to the turrets with consistently poor loot, after teh second visit damage dropped off for a while as Wolta struggled to find more Horrors. At the end of her session Wolta reported the Horrors were sparsely distributed but that skills were not too bad.

Nocturaline was next at the helm. Initially she found plenty of Horrors but they dried up and after a while there was a time in Engineering with nothing to do, it did not last long however. Nocturaline tried a loot pill, this made things much easier with auto loot at 0.020 AU, I shall use these in future, a good experiment. Nocturaline reported getting decent skills this evening.

Ironically after killing off the last batch there were plenty of Horrors floating about.

Loot was poor this week, I have not yet worked out just how poor.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 69 (The Horrors like a little Alien head!)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1805 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:-┬áSleepyheads “69 Dude”

We started a little late due to a communications issue, donning our Alien Heads we set off for the training grounds with Wolta at the helm.

Wolta reported a lack of Horrors and repair work was quite easy. Come time to kill the herd the second Horror gave an 86PED global and the penultimate a 25PED loot, a very good start. Damage after that session seemed to be greater so I suspect more Horrors were found. The second session in a turret was not so good. Wolta informed us that skill gains were quite good. I got one more small session just before Wolta handed over to Nocturaline. Wolta reported mobs were hard to find at the beginning of her session but this improved and that skills seemed good.

Nocturaline was up next requiring 3.40% to gain level 20 Captain. She initially reported a lack of mobs but when I was called to a turret 15 minutes later there seemed to be plenty, one had about 30 PED on it. The next herd took a little longer and after 20 minutes or so I was again killing Horrors, one of which was kind enough to donate 44 PED. Shortly after this Nocturaline reported that mobs were difficult to find. At 1959 Nocturaline reported achieving level 20 Captain, gratz to her. I had another visit to a turret and managed an almost global before it was my turn at the helm.

The Horrors were there but quite well spaced, it was difficult to take damage and build a herd at the same time due to the distances between individuals. The hour passed quickly and in spite of the lower than normal amounts of damage I got good skills, loots during this time had taken a nose dive, then again I think I only had 2 sessions in a turret. I took us back to Rocktropia Space Station.

The return on this one was quite good.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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