Voyage au milieu de nul part

Après notre session de skilling hebdomadaire avec Cee Nocturaline Vinge et moi, Cee m’a demandé si je pouvais reconduire Vinge sur Akadia en sub warp. Ayant ma quête des riptors à finir je ne me suis pas fais prier pour faire le voyage. Et hop tout le monde en route enfin moi et Vinge. En cours de route je me suis décidé à faire un petit détour par Gordon belt histoire de prendre des skills et après filer sur le Nord de la training zone de Arkadia. Tout se passait à merveille pas mal de skill en très peu de temps. Et oui j’ai bien dit “tout se passait” il à fallu que ça tourne mal. Arrivé a Arkadia station c’est là que ça part en vrille. Premierement je vois pas la station, je me gare donc au pif en plein milieu, Nocturaline me confirme que le PathfinderXXXI est bien à Arkadia space station en regardant sa map. Bon pas grave si je suis bien garé je prendrais pas de PV pour mauvais stationement au moins ahah.

Je vais pour me TP et dans la liste des TP je vois crystal palace, je redemande confirmation a Nocturaline qui me confirme à nouveau que je suis à Arkadia station. Je relog et rerelog toujours pareil. Je commençais à m’inquiéter pour Vinge qui était délogué. Finalement j’ai du déloguer pour aller manger. Je relogue 3 heures plus tard (le temps de manger et faire une petite sieste évidement) toujours pareil que le TP de crystal palace. Il me vient alors un idée aller dans la training zone et détruire le vaisseau pour voir où je repop. C’est là que j’ai enfin vu la station de Arkadia, donc retour en arrière et au miracle le TP vers Arkadia space station était bien présent. C’est dommage pour Vinge qui à tenté de prendre le TP et a repop a crystal palace, il à du faire le voyage en sleip.
Vraiment étrange cette histoire.

Space skilling Saturday 14 (A change of location and a change of pace).

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1810 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge & Myself.

Again we were expecting more and again we were disappointed, no matter.

Vinge had taken the trouble to travel from Arkadia in her Sleipnir in order to join us this night, if only we could find some more individuals with this level of keenness.

A slightly late start due to a late login by one of us. Having not done this in Calypso Space for a while I found I had forgotten how long it takes to get to the training zone. Once there I cruised about looking for for mobs to pick-up, there were surprisingly few and it took me a full hour before I had enough to really keep the repair team busy.

Nocturaline took the second stint and reported very low skill gains, though all on repair were kept busy. Maybe she was trying to drain the mobs I had been using? The distance to the training zone is problematic as it takes way to long to turret the Cosmic Horrors. At one point Nocturaline had to leave the chair to prevent too much damage being done and found herself on top of the ship.

Wolta took the next slot, again skill gains were low so she went looking for new mobs, this took a long time, it seems that mobs were still sparse. Wolta thinks I took all the skills! Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. After her session Wolta needed to log.

After Wolta logged I had another go in the chair and indeed skills were a rarity, it was not long before I was dozing off, it was only a matter of time until I fell asleep and blew the ship accidentally or just headed in an indeterminate direction until we ran out of map so we blew it on purpose and revived at Crystal Palace where Nocturaline and I repaired. Unfortunately Vinge did not have the ship on her TP list so had to TP to Crystal Palace then back to the hanger before she could get to the ship.

Another decent session, Vinge logged on the ship, I logged on Crystal Palace and Nocturaline went on to hunt some Aurli.

Sub-warp to Calypso

I need to set up the new office/home on Calypso, been coming on a month since I acquired it so I set off at sub-warp with Nocturaline on repair and guns and with Wolta logged off.

A long journey but we detoured a couple of times to skill for a few minutes and almost blew the ship in Gordon’s Belt, where I also tried flying through a large space rock but it seems unlike Crystal Palace these are real! It also gave me time to write my personal blog and the earlier entry regarding the return trip.

We approached Calypso via Crystal Palace, travelling straight through the rock, just to prove a point, bloody minded I am. Space comms had been busy almost the entire journey and it seems several pirates were making a nuisance of themselves at Calypso Space Station so we were prepared.

I positioned the ship just within the safe zone on the planet side of the Space Station and scanned, there were two well know wankers waiting and as we watched they were joined by a third unknown to me wannabe wanker. Nocturaline and myself had no chance. She decided to TP to the surface whilst I elected to hold out until later, I don’t mind going up against one of them but I’m not stupid.

I logged in  later but it was still not favourable, it was also late, if I went now I would just log once I was on the planet so it seemed stupid to bother. I slept and went unhindered the next morning (15-4-14).



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