Space Skilling Saturday 40 (Hunting at Arkadia)

Location:- Arkadian Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil, Myself and various pets.

We had a delayed start, both Wolta and I wanted to purchase a RK-20 from Nocturaline but trade would not work, we tried a re-log and tested if it would work on the space station but all failed.

We headed out about 25 minutes late with Nocturaline at the helm and were soon busy in repair. I did have various pets running about and getting into a seat only half dismisses them so the same one can be spawned multiple times, it gives no extra gains and it seems only the owner can see them but it’s entertaining. The first set of kills gave some decent loot but the following ones were back to normal.

Wolta took the second shift, I think she was worried about falling asleep if she took the last shift. It was not long until the mobs were dry and I went to kill the first batch. It did not take long for Wolta to have the repair team busy again. Wolta cut her session short by about 15 minutes as she was falling asleep.

I took the last shift, Wolta did fall asleep and I nearly did too, somehow I fought my way past it and managed to pilot/gunner for 75 minutes, got a few good loots but mostly rubbish. I have not made note of it yet as too tired and off to bed. The last of the sleepyheads.

Space Skilling Saturday 39 (Hunting in Gordon’s Belt)

That sounds so wrong.

Location:- Gordon’s Belt.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil & Myself.

We start at Calypso Space Station where I summoned Nocturaline before heading to Crystal Palace to pick-up Wolta.

Wolta takes the helm and manoeuvres us away from Crystal Palace before warping to Zeus Space Station. She emerged from warp close to the station then we headed into Gordon’s Belt.

We were kept quite busy in repair, though with 3 of us I rarely needed to use the RK-20. Hunting was easier than normal as there were fewer targets each time even though they did more damage per Horror.

I took the next stint at the helm, the skill gains were quite good but the mobs were quite sparse so I was not giving Engineering much to do at least not consistent work anyway. When the skill gains stopped I used the right top turret to total the Horrors.

Nocturaline kept me busy in Engineering and in a turret though part of that was due to Wolta having to log, living up to the Sleepyhead name there. I had to visit the turret many times during this session but for few mobs each time.

After this we headed Sub-warp to Arkadia with Nocturaline still at the helm and me sitting in the rear turret. It gave me a chance to write this log entry.

Wolta listens to Alain Souchon, Nocturaline listens to Violet Stigmata and later Vivaldi’s four seasons, for me it was podcasts again, “Inside the Huddle” and a couple of “Mike & Mikes”.

Warp transport, a long time coming!

An existing client required an off-line warp from Arkadia to Calypso. I was on Calypso at the time and the only on-line Sleepyhead. The client was not in a hurry and asked if I could be there in 2 hours, which of course I could be.

I finished at auction and headed into the big black in my quad, there was one red triangle visible at Calypso Space Station, I ignored it and headed to Crystal Palace where I had left the ship, the red triangle ignored me back.

Aboard ship I headed out from Crystal Palace and once clear went -z for a while before altering course toward Arkadia, with the course set and both sub-warp and auto-pilot engaged. I spent some time cleaning the ship, the beer rings on the Propulsion unit were a bastard to remove, I will have to have words with the Sleepyhead!

On approach to Arkadia Space Station I notified the client who did not respond, I docked and stood by awaiting their communication. After a while I <coughed> and was responded too. Within minutes the client was aboard, off-line and I was heading -z again, I levelled off, plotted the warp re-entry point, engaged the Warp-Drive and crashed to desktop! I had to wait the full minute before I could re-connect, I jumped into the seat and found I had arrived at Calypso Space Station and needed only docking manoeuvres to complete the journey. I had not realised the Auto Pilot was so good but the decay is high.

I announced the ship’s arrival and waited for client re-log, was paid promptly and after the client had left the ship I manoeuvred to the Outer Marker before logging.


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