Sub-warp to Calypso

I need to set up the new office/home on Calypso, been coming on a month since I acquired it so I set off at sub-warp with Nocturaline on repair and guns and with Wolta logged off.

A long journey but we detoured a couple of times to skill for a few minutes and almost blew the ship in Gordon’s Belt, where I also tried flying through a large space rock but it seems unlike Crystal Palace these are real! It also gave me time to write my personal blog and the earlier entry regarding the return trip.

We approached Calypso via Crystal Palace, travelling straight through the rock, just to prove a point, bloody minded I am. Space comms had been busy almost the entire journey and it seems several pirates were making a nuisance of themselves at Calypso Space Station so we were prepared.

I positioned the ship just within the safe zone on the planet side of the Space Station and scanned, there were two well know wankers waiting and as we watched they were joined by a third unknown to me wannabe wanker. Nocturaline and myself had no chance. She decided to TP to the surface whilst I elected to hold out until later, I don’t mind going up against one of them but I’m not stupid.

I logged in  later but it was still not favourable, it was also late, if I went now I would just log once I was on the planet so it seemed stupid to bother. I slept and went unhindered the next morning (15-4-14).


Single, return to Calypso

A previous client commissioned us to take them from Arkadia to Calypso and back again. The stopover was for only about 20 minutes and the return journey was a logged off transport.

This all went smoothly, Wolta provided repair and not a single pirate was seen at any point. Wolta also provided transport of our client to the surface of Calypso while I stayed aboard. On our return our client took the TP whilst Wolta and I took my quad to the surface.

Space Skilling Saturday 13 (A routine session)

Location:- Arkadian Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- (The usual suspects) Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge & Myself.

A slightly late start due to their being somewhere better to be, namely the Oratan Invasion where good evade skilling is to be found.

I took the first session in the chair, skill gains were good and I did not have to lose any mobs so that they continued although they did slow.

Wolta took the next stint followed by Nocturaline both of whom kept the ship in a damaged state so that the maximum efficiency was achieved for those repair skilling. During this time I listened to “The Call of Cthulhu” this is one of several stories available at

This is surprisingly tiring, I find piloting in particular to be so. Wolta needed to log a little after 2100 MA. The rest of us continued until about 2240 MA. during which time I did shoot a Cosmic Horror, which has given me an idea for a game we could play aboard during these sessions (I have a whole week to consider it). I also returned to the chair for a final stint as pilot.

We blew the ship at the end, Vinge logged at the Space Station and Nocturaline and I repaired the ship before Nocturaline took me back to the surface, there was no pirate activity.

A decent session, Nocturaline had lined up some extra bodies but these were on a different planet.


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