Space Skilling Saturday 174 (Is cancelled)

MA released the following announcement during the week prior to the scheduled session:-

Disturbance notice, Server and Account web downtime

 Maintenance jobs will be carried out at our server location on Saturday 2017-05-20 and on Sunday 2017-05-21 at 17:00 UTC.

Due to this the Entropia Universe servers and Account web will be taken offline and not accessible.

We estimate a downtime of 1-2 hours for both dates and there may be additional disturbances until 24:00 UTC after the downtimes which may cause temporary lag or connection issues.

For details on UTC time please see

The best we could hope for is a full session of lag however, historically, MA estimates have been overly optimistic so a partial session with lag was more likely. I decided it was probably best to cancel this session.

During the week Nocturlaine had created a WhatsApp group consisting of herself, Wolta and myself so I informed the Sleepyheads of the decision using that. Nocturaline said there were issues last night with everyone on all planets being dumped at once and lots of lag, she thinks it is playable. At the time of writing (early PM 20-05-17) I think it best to leave it, lag is frustrating so why put up with it when there is no need to.

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