After the recent upgrade I have been inspecting the ship, there are a few things that remain to be tested but so far the biggest improvement I have seen is with the guns. These will now rotate significantly faster than before and it is possible to incline them up to +90°, this provides much better coverage. With just 2 gunners the ship’s blind spot should now be quite small. I understand that Motherships now allow 4 guns to be active which I believe to be 1 more than was previously possible, I hope that Privateers have also received a gain of 1 active gun, if so there should be no blind spot at all. I will test this as soon as is practical. Which seat relates to which gun has also changed and is now more logical

The Engineering Console has been enhanced, it is now possible to check the decay of each item fitted without first having to remove it from the console, I am not sure if this can be done by anyone aboard the vessel or if it is limited to the owner or just those on the passenger list.

The mystery panels have been removed from Engineering, these no longer show as items with no information.

I am looking forward to testing the modifications but will probably wait for an increase in system stability before trying this.

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