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Warps: Rocktropia – Crystal Palace – Next Island

Warp 1: Rocktropia – Crystal Palace.
This was a training warp for TigerPaw, we had left the Rocktropian surface in Bad Moon Rising and once aboard the Pathfinder I added her to the ship’s guest list. We spent a few minutes talking about command icons used and setting these up in readiness.

Some time was spent just manoeuvring about the station and getting the feel of the ship before TigerPaw took us out of the safe zone and warped us to Crystal Palace. We emerged quite close to the destination and docked speedily before some Sub-warp manoeuvres around and into Crystal Palace during which time 2 quads were spotted, 1 of which was hostile. A good first warp in my humble opinion.

Warp 2: Crystal Palace – Next Island.
I left Crystal Palace and engaged warp as soon as possible, emerging very close to Next Island Space Station with which I docked in my customary position for a planetary Space Station. I saw no other active vessel during this trip or during my descent to the surface of Next Island in my quad.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Pilot training

Saturday saw Wolta, Nocturaline and I warping to Arkadia, I took the opportunity to see how much Nocturaline had remembered of her warp training and it was quite a lot, she got just one thing out of sequence, I intend to go through the procedure with her again at a later date. other than that the journey was without incident.

On arrival at Arkadia Wolta and Nocturaline headed for the surface, I stayed aboard and later took the ship to the training ground where the Cosmic Horrors destroyed it, I was testing to make sure the revive was Arkadia Space Station and it was.

After a quick Quad hunt I joined Wolta and Nocturaline on the surface.

Personal use

On the 17th I had cause to travel to Arkadia, I had intended to go earlier in the week but things happened to prevent this. I had invited Nocturaline along fortunately she was able to put this off a day so on Wednesday we prepared for transport. I did need to take quite a lot of stackables and had arranged for Lizzy to visit so she could act as a mule, once again circumstances threw me a spanner and she was unable to come. Nocturaline got us back on track, she knew someone who was willing to act as a mule and so I offloaded my stackables to him and he logged out.

I need not have been concerned, the warp was entirely without incident. With my stackables returned I TP’d to the surface whilst Nocturaline and her friend flew down in a quad.

I was just too eager, on the 18th Wolta was to join us, I really should have just put the trip off a day.

Come the 18th Nocturaline and I warped back to Calypso to pick up Wolta. Nocturaline took the pilot seat and after some instruction as to what buttons to map and in the preferred routes and methods employed aboard the Pathfinder XXXI we left Arkadia Space Station. Nocturaline followed the instructions given precisely and we arrived exactly as planned (Gold star to Nocturaline).

After summoning Wolta (who was also carrying and therefore logged out for the return warp), we headed back to Arkadia Space Station, this time with me in the pilot seat. Again we arrived safely. Wolta re-logged and took the TP while Nocturaline and myself went down in my Quad, a quad with a red triangle over it left the Space Station shortly before we did but once in space neither Nocturaline nor myself could see it. I headed for Arkadia stopping just inside the Safe Zone where I turned 180 and reversed out, once clear another 180 was performed and we headed to the planet. Free-falling to the surface.

I have seen very few pirates in space of late, I have seen a few standing around in Twin though, maybe it just does not pay enough, lets hope so.

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