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Space Skilling Saturday 31 (Two is too few).

Location:- Arkadian Space .
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta & Myself.

I left the Oratan event and was aboard slightly before the hour, by quarter past I was wondering where Wolta was until I realised I was an hour early. I headed out solo for about 35 minutes of pilot, gunner and repair skilling, at one point I was in the black but by the time I returned to the Space Station I was down about half a PED.

I still had a little time so I checked the Engineering Panel only to discover the warp drive was at its end of life, I swapped it out for a good one, that should save some embarrassment.

Wolta arrived on time and after she was aboard we decided to skill for an hour, stop for food and then do another hour.

Wolta took the first shift at the helm whilst I headed to Engineering, I was kept busy using the RK-20 almost the entire time and struggled to maintain the ship in good condition. After about 30 minutes Wolta brought us back to the Space Station to turret the mobs before heading out again.

After about 70 minutes we took a 20 minute break to make some dinner, when there are 3 of us we can do that in shifts but with just 2 it would be difficult.

Next it was me at the helm, skills seemed to be pretty good but Cosmic Horrors were hard to find and it took a while to get a decent amount of Horrors following us but once done things went smoothly. I had to turret them after about 35 minutes and then grab some more.

We finished a bit earlier than usual and returned to Arkadia in Wolta’s Quad Wing, the trip went without incident.

For entertainment tonight; Wolta was listening to Alain Bashung, whilst I listened to this week’s “HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast” , Thursday’s “Mike and Mike” and Episode 41 of “Miskatonic Musings”, titled “Slapping the Mollusk”.

Warp, Toulan to Arkadia

Due to the Smugglers claiming Arkadia Underground Wolta and I decided last night to head for Arkadia at 0800 this morning, Nocturaline was not on-line when the decision was made and the time was set so I sent her an e-mail with the information.

I headed into space about 0750MA and summoned Wolta. At 0800 MA I had had no response to the e-mail and Nocturaline was not on-line so we headed to Arkadia via warp. Wolta took the helm and warped us into the Arkadia Training Ground and then headed to the station at sub-warp.

We took my quad to the surface, the entire journey was uneventful.

Space Skilling Saturday 12 (A new Commander)

Location:- Arkadian Space.

Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge & Myself. (The usual suspects)

Started a few minutes late, my fault, all were waiting for me while I made some last minute preparations.

Wolta had the first stint, she reported good skill gains and kept the rest of us busy in Engineering. Nocturaline and Vinge talked about crafting so I was lost which was OK as I was listening to “The Haunter of the Dark” at hppodcraft.com

SSS1Next in the chair was Nocturaline who also gave us a lot of work and did a few screen shots showing just how many Cosmic Horrors we were up against, one is shown here, fortunately the ship has a reasonable SI so quite a lot of damage can be taken and it survive even when I’m repairing.

The chair was offered to Vinge but she declined to concentrate on repair work.

I took the last session, pilot and skill gains were good to start with but tailed off, it was only towards the end I realised I needed fresh mobs, dumb I know, I had not even been drinking but had had an exhausting day and was struggling with the whole consciousness thing.

After Wolta and Vinge had logged I spoke with Nocturaline about making her a Commander on the ship (Wolta has always held the rank), this means she now has permanent access to the chair and can use the ship as she sees fit providing she brings no disrepute to the vessel and reimburses me for any warp usage.

We returned to the Arkadian surface in my quad spotting only one retreating red triangle and free fell into the water at Celeste Harbour. Nocturaline began to look into making warp drives. Something I had done in the past but never amassed all the parts for. Still got a way to go on the current drive so no rush.

A good session but we still have capacity for more people especially in repair. Hopefully the advert may draw a few in.

Space Skilling Saturday 9 (good skilling and a warp transport).

We started at the usual time 1900 MA, present were Wolta, Nocturaline and myself, the location was Arkadia training grounds.

I took the first hour in the chair, skill gains were unusually high, much needed after last week’s poor gains. I managed to get an unusually large train which still managed to give skills.

The second hour was Wolta’s who also reported unusually high skill gains whilst in the chair. She also had Nocturaline and myself working hard at the repair stations.

Nocturaline had the third hour and about an extra half, she had both Wolta and myself toiling hard and the good skill gains continued.

Wolta had to log and Nocturaline and myself traded places, the ship was taking a lot of damage and poor Nocturaline could not keep up, I left the chair to assist in Engineering at which point we got a call from an old client. He needed transport from Cyrene to Rocktropia, a pick up and delivery, I explained the ship was under repair so there would be a short delay. Once it looked more than 50% healthy I returned to the chair took us away from the attacking mobs and initiated a warp. At Cyrene our client was ready so the summons was issued and responded to, a logged off transport was required so after our client was off line we headed out to Rocktropia. It had been a while since I have made that journey and had forgotten how long it seems to take! Docking at Rocktropia was achieved, our client re-connected, paid me and went on his way.

Nocturaline and I decided to return to Arkadia, as it was late we went via warp (there goes most of the profit), another long warp arriving in the training grounds where we continued to skill for a little while before returning to Arkadia Space Station by destroying the ship. After repair we took Nocturaline’s Quad to the surface and I recompensed her the entry tax.

A particularly good session this week but we still need more people. Two other vessels were spotted skilling in the vicinity.

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