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Pick-up and a return transport.

A previous client contacted me while I was hunting on Monria with Wolta and Nocturaline. A warp return journey Arkadia – Calypso – Arkadia was required later in the day. I explained the pricing including a discount for a regular client, no easy task considering I was hunting, I also informed them of my availability.

On re-log later in the day, the job was go. I headed to the ship and informed Wolta and Nocturaline who joined me shortly. We headed away from Monria and initiated Warp, arriving almost immediately z+ of Arkadia Space Station consequently docking manoeuvres were minimal. I informed our client that the ship was at there disposal and after a short wait a summons request was made and executed.

Logged off transport was required so the site address was given and once the client had left EU, we headed away from Arkadia Space Station and engaged warp arriving above Calypso Space Station with the same degree of accuracy as previous, providing a swift transport, Twitter was updated, our client reconnected and headed to the surface while we waited in readiness.

About 50 minutes later the summons request was received and once our client was aboard and logged off we returned to Arkadia, once again arriving very close to the Space Station, with Twitter updated and re-log complete I was paid and our client headed to the surface.

We then headed to Crystal Palace at Sub-warp with Wolta and then Nocturaline at the helm. A small diversion was made in Gordon’s Belt for some minimal skilling.

Space chat was very active most of the journey, most of it seemed to he insulting pirates.

Site modification

I have set-up the blog to post to twitter @pathfinderxxxi and to my google+ page Chela “Cee” Bias, I wanted to add it to the sub-page set-up specifically for PathfinderXXXI but this does not seem to be currently possible, hopefully in the future.

I will keep an eye on how this works to determine if I should leave these connections in place.

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