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Sub-warp, Crystal Palace to Toulan.

I headed away from Crystal Palace, solo, in the direction of Arkadia before rotating z+ and changing heading to Toulan. It is a long journey and I was unsure if I would complete it in one stage.

Not long out from Crystal Palace I encountered a Skyflail and decided to manoeuvre to encounter it, after taking a little damage I turned to destroy it, these used to be quite difficult to hit due to a bug of some kind but killing this one was significantly easier. On finishing it off I received a message telling me the ship had gained the title reputable.

I headed on toward Toulan, already feeling tired. The rest of journey passed without any incident that I am aware of, I did manage to doze off more than once so it is quite possible that something minor did occur, I just failed to notice.

Solo, sub-warp, Toulan to Arkadia.

I needed to return to Arkadia for Space Skilling Saturday so headed away from Toulan Space Station and once clear changed heading and went – z before heading for Arkadia.

This was an uneventful journey as I did not see another manned vehicle the entire time, however the in flight movie was Frankenhooker which I highly recommend, I laughed out loud on several occasions.

Space Skilling Saturday 25 (Disorganised and Dishevelled).

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline & Myself

Not quite true that, about 15 minutes before the start Nocturaline was still on Toulan, she headed toward the Arkadia training ground in her quad only to realise she had some stackables so needed to visit Arkadia before joining us aboard the vessel.

Wolta brought an RK-20 from the surface for me as I had forgotten, clearly I’m in a good frame of mind for commanding a starship.

Wolta took the helm first leaving me alone in repair, fortunately she adjusted so I was able to cope with the damage although my lack of attention took us a little close at times, I write this as it happens and my attention wanders.

Nocturaline joined us at 1845, it was timed quite well and we only need to wait at the station for about 5 minutes before she was ready for a summons. Wolta turned us around and took us back to the training zone.

I was next at the helm, I was getting no skills so headed to the station to turret the Cosmic Horrors. After that was done it took me a long time to build up another group. Within an hour I was beginning to doze off and after talking with the rest of the Sleepy Heads found that all of us were living up to that name. I needed to turret my second group and by the time we reached the station we had decided to call it a night.

Nocturaline logged on the ship, Wolta and I went to the surface in her quad before we logged.

Warp, Toulan to Arkadia

Due to the Smugglers claiming Arkadia Underground Wolta and I decided last night to head for Arkadia at 0800 this morning, Nocturaline was not on-line when the decision was made and the time was set so I sent her an e-mail with the information.

I headed into space about 0750MA and summoned Wolta. At 0800 MA I had had no response to the e-mail and Nocturaline was not on-line so we headed to Arkadia via warp. Wolta took the helm and warped us into the Arkadia Training Ground and then headed to the station at sub-warp.

We took my quad to the surface, the entire journey was uneventful.

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