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Warp transports

I have not done this for a long while I know but decided I would for a change, I had seen first one request for transport from Arkadia to Calypso. The other requests began to appear for various routes and no one was responding.

I warped to Arkadia to make the initial pick-up and delivered the client to Calypso Space Station.

Next was a warp to Rocktropia to pick-up a second client who also needed transport to Calypso.

Final warp was a split cost for two people who needed transport from Calypso to Arkadia, one of these was a logged off transport.

Not the most cost-effective route planning but it was enjoyable and I earned a few PED.

I headed back to Crystal Palace and then onto Calypso Space Station where I went to the surface for a while for multiple reasons including the production of a new Warp Drive and to pick up an old disciple who is as yet to complete this task. We then warped back to Next Island.

I had requests to pick up two of the people I had transported earlier and return them to their starting point but was unable to do this due to previous commitments

Sub-warp – Toulan to Next Island

So as to be in the right place for the next Space Skilling Saturday I travelled at sub-warp from Toulan to Next Island, during the trip I did not see a single active vessel or any space creature. An uneventful journey but a pleasant one.

Space Skilling Saturday 188 (Skyfall or Skyfail?)

Start Location:- Calypso Space Station.
Time:- 1801 MA.
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads no HoF one waiting?

In spite of me running late I arrive in good time and prepare the ship. Nocturaline and Phil have returned from shore leave and Nocturaline has had a good run on Skyfall today. After a brief discussion we decide to try them, Nocturaline gives Wolta the coordinates and we leave the station for a sub-warp journey of about 25 minutes, I sit in the top turret until we are clear of the Space Stations then head to repair in readiness. Kahlan arrives en route and has a dog related disconnect just as we engage the Skyfall at 1828.

Wolta’s hour:-  kills 23 for a 20 PED loot. Reports that noise follows the ship and more that 2% gain in Captain, hoping to get level 20 next week.

Cee’s hour:- kills 33 for a 48 and 49 PED loots, so close! Skills seemed low and there was lag induced rubber banding.

Nocturaline’s hour:- kills 35 for a 13 and a 12 PED loot. Nocturaline suffers a crash and was worried the ship might blow, we did have some close calls but I don’t think that was one of them. Reports a gain of 1.69% on captain without skill pills. Nocturaline returns us to Crystal Palace by which time I was struggling to remain conscious.

A loss of 27 PED and a return of 92%.

Space Skilling Saturday 100 (a milestone SSS)

Start Location:- Arkadian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads and the 100th SSS

With all aboard a couple of minutes later than planned, I instructed Wolta to Warp to wherever she wished to skill, she promptly took us sub-warp into the Arkadian Training Grounds and we spent an hour skilling there against the Cosmic Horrors. Nocturaline had supplied some snowballs when she came aboard and a snowball fight broke out in Engineering at one point, Wolta spots a Mothership but did not get the name, a UFO perhaps?

After her hour Wolta hands over to me and I warp to the Locusta, this pushed the ship to the brink at one point, but it was well worth it, Engineering were kept busy for most of the hour and I managed a couple of small globals as well as a few decent loots. It seems 11 Locusta is about the safe limit with the combined repair ability of the crew and the current SI, the ship could handle a little more but if one happens to spawn too close it would be a case of emptying the chairs.

I pass on to Nocturaline the same instructions as I gave Wolta, Nocturaline elects to stay with the Locusta. 2 decent loots occur during her stint. It was necessary to supply an RK-20 to Wolta towards the end of the session. I spend some time explaining to Kahlan how to warp the ship. Once she was happy I asked Nocturaline to move the ship clear of the Locusta at the end of her shift and then hand the chair over to Kahlan for her first warp, which Nocturaline does.

Kahlan sits in the chair for the first time and initiates a warp which arrives very close to Crystal Palace, she then docks the ship swiftly, a very good job for this Warp Virgin. As there has been increased hostile activity of late both Nocturaline and myself manned the guns but we were not required.

Not a bad session, failed to make a profit but the loss was only 57 PED and the return was 90%.

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