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Space Skilling Saturday 166 (PC crashes)

With a scheduled outage of up to two hours due at 1700 I logged in during the afternoon to prepare the ship, once done I logged out and while shutting my PC it hung and would not come back. Repairs were attempted but failed at every attempt, I suspect my SSD has failed. I sent mails to Wolta and Nocturaline to alert them.

Nocturaline and Wolta along with someone I don’t know called Pandora went out in Nocturaline’s Starfinder and did a short SSS in my absence. Managed a global too.

Space Skilling Saturday 165 (Wolta’s RK was sleeping!)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space.
Time:- 1854 MA.
Present:- Antzy, Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads time to get up?

I arrive on time and once ready am summoned to Nocturaline’s Starfinder from where I transport aboard the Pathfinder via Rocktropia Space Station. The crew for this week follow while I position the ship for departure.

Wolta takes us out and also has the first hour. Wolta thinks she has picked up a group of horrors that were following another ship. Wolta reports many Horrors and was listening to Credence Clearwater Revival. Kills 32 with a loot in the 40s.

My hour. Pathfinder XXI spotted and skilling by the looks of it, may have rustled a couple of Horrors from it.  Horror density was about normal maybe a bit low. Skills seemed about average. Kills 37 with 2 loots of note, one in the 20s another in the 30s

Nocturaline’s hour. Reports no other ships spotted and good density of Horrors. Kills 43 with only poor loots. After Nocturaline returns us to Rocktropia Space Station.

I am running low on Welding Wire and RKs, I will need to make a supply run soon.

A loss of 89 PED which gives a return of 71%.

Space Skilling Saturday 163 (Fleet?)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space.
Time:- 1854 MA.
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Shin, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads woke up and

I arrived in plenty of time and soon learn that Nocturaline has purchased Starfinder IX and that there will be a guest on the crew tonight, Shin Tha Nin. Friend request is sent and Shin is added to the crew. I wait for everyone to arrive as they are crewing the Starfinder. Shin wants to hunt so we will take it in turns at the guns.

Wolta takes us out. Engineering seems busy, Shin kills 11, then I kill 14 and manage a 55 PED global, shin gets the last 3.

My stint, 19 kills with a 20 PED loot, Shin manages about 20 but I disconnect during so the count is not accurate and no loot was seen. Horrors were plentiful if thinly distributed. I finish off the last 3 and manage one reasonable loot. The disconnect was odd, I was wondering why the ship was not responding.

Nocturaline’s hour, Shin kills 11 and I kill 15, no decent loots. Shin kills 12 and gets a decent loot. Nocturaline reports 3.17% on Captain while taking us back to Rocktropia Space Station.

My results are +10 PED and a return of 107%.

Space Skilling Saturday 52 (Impractical joke)

Location:- Arkadian Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads laugh like a child!

Wolta was late, deliberately but more of that later. I made coffee and summoned Nocturaline, Phil was already aboard, I think he lives here, might explain the weird smell. I purchased a much needed RK-20 and and RK-5 from Nocturaline. Then asked Nocturaline to take the first shift. She dutifully headed to the helm while I remained in Engineering.

Nocturaline reported that both Kronan and Starfinder IX were also skilling, in addition I had seen Varyag skilling while I was hunting earlier.

After about 10 minutes Wolta logged in and headed to us in her Equus, yes the whole being late thing was a rouse to surprise Nocturaline and it most certainly worked, she seemed quite shocked, accusing Wolta of a lack of sanity.

Shortly after that it was time to slay the first group of Cosmic Horrors, the results were poor. About 20 minutes later another session at the guns was also poor. 10 minutes later Nocturaline handed over to Wolta.

Wolta had an hour at the helm, I was called to a turret thrice on all occasions the loot was poor. In between times we were kept busy in repair. We discussed our plans for next week, it’s our first anniversary of Space Skilling Saturday and we think we should try something different, it’s looking like it’s going to be Locusta but we may try several mobs, I’ll try to make a plan during the week. I also intend to introduce some training for the Sleepyheads, as of next week, each time I am called to a turret I will pick one at random and the pilot must learn to adjust the attitude of the ship to enable me to hit the mobs. This is in preparation for MA’s planned cessation of off-line transports, hopefully it will enable us to better defend ourselves against the pirate scourge. I spent quite some time chatting with Alaina about the ratings earned by pilots, this was spurred by Wolta suddenly becoming upstanding after purchasing the Equus and me being merely notable in the ship earlier though I was upstanding in my Quad. It seems that the ratings in bigger vessels have always been inaccurate and tend to vary quite a lot, however in the smaller ships there is more consistency, Alaina is not sure of the Equus effect and it seems we need to do some testing.

Finally I had an hour at the helm, my rating had returned to upstanding, mobs were sparse but I suspect that was due to the number of ships Skilling in that training ground, in addition to the vessels listed earlier I also spotted Starfinder XXIV, from what I saw we were the only ship hunting, I moved twice to a turret and on each occasion I got one good loot however the return was still poor as calculated after the fat lady had sung. When we finished, Wolta, Nocturaline and Phil all logged to go and sleep, Sleepyheads really is the right name for this crew. I stayed awake to write this ships log. Needles to say there was no testing of the Equus effect.

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