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Space Skilling Saturday 25 (Disorganised and Dishevelled).

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline & Myself

Not quite true that, about 15 minutes before the start Nocturaline was still on Toulan, she headed toward the Arkadia training ground in her quad only to realise she had some stackables so needed to visit Arkadia before joining us aboard the vessel.

Wolta brought an RK-20 from the surface for me as I had forgotten, clearly I’m in a good frame of mind for commanding a starship.

Wolta took the helm first leaving me alone in repair, fortunately she adjusted so I was able to cope with the damage although my lack of attention took us a little close at times, I write this as it happens and my attention wanders.

Nocturaline joined us at 1845, it was timed quite well and we only need to wait at the station for about 5 minutes before she was ready for a summons. Wolta turned us around and took us back to the training zone.

I was next at the helm, I was getting no skills so headed to the station to turret the Cosmic Horrors. After that was done it took me a long time to build up another group. Within an hour I was beginning to doze off and after talking with the rest of the Sleepy Heads found that all of us were living up to that name. I needed to turret my second group and by the time we reached the station we had decided to call it a night.

Nocturaline logged on the ship, Wolta and I went to the surface in her quad before we logged.

Warp pickup

I received the call while on Next Island, a pickup from Calypso travelling to Rocktropia for an established client.

I stored my stackables and took my quad into the big black. There were no other ships at Next Island so I just headed out and jumped to warp arriving very close to Calypso Space Station docking did not take long. Once my passenger was aboard I left Calypso Space Station behind having spotted no activity and went straight to warp, Rocktropia Space Station showed the same lack of activity.

With my passenger safely away I set course for Next Island, where the rest of the Sleepy Heads were currently sleeping, so as to be ready for them on the morrow.

This return leg was at sub warp, I am trying to run a business here after all. The journey was calculated at about 2 hours so plenty of time for an in flight movie, I powered up the NAS, put my feet up on the console and soon found the display could not see the storage. Nothing works on this ship, I can’t even open the microwave, the Chief Engineer is in for it tomorrow! I rebooted the NAS and once I had confirmed that was working restarted the display, still nothing. I fiddled with it for well over 30 minutes before giving up as there was no longer time to watch a movie. Listened to episode 213 – The Harbour-Master – Part 2 of the the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast instead. After which I tried as best I could to stave off sleep until the ship docked at Next Island Space Station.

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