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Space Skilling Saturday 77 (2 * Generic Fuse)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1750 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Too hot for Sleepyheads

I left Calypso in plenty of time to travel from Calypso SS to Crystal Palace, collect the ship and return to Calypso SS to transport the crew aboard. However micjack was lurking between the 2 locations and though I thought I could make it to the ship before my Quad was destroyed I elected not to try as I was carrying. I waited and he got distracted by another Quad so I set off for the Pathfinder and arrived without being attacked.

Once I was in the Calypso SS safe zone I summoned Wolta and Nocturaline and as soon as they were aboard set off for the training ground.

I took the first hour (it gives me the chance to write most of this log in the following 2 hours), the results were disappointing, skill gains were slow, loot was quite poor and the Cosmic Horrors were quite thinly spread. I did loot a Bio ID Verification unit though.

Wolta took the second hour, on my first visit to the guns I got a Generic Fuse and on the second visit another. Wolta reported that she had no problems finding Horrors gained 5.7% in Captain Skill and was listening to Leonard Cohen.

Nocturaline took the final hour, she reported a lack of Horrors, clearly Wolta had got most of them and a 6.8% skill gain in captain as well as a new Rank in that profession. Loot was poor for this final hour.

Nocturaline was trying a 100% skill gain increase pill will I was trying a 10% one, neither of us noticed any improvement in skills gained.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 70 (The Skill Pill Experiment)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads too tired to team

I began this week’s assault against the Cosmic Horrors leaving the station slightly early. On entering the training grounds I picked up 4 Horrors but promptly proceeded to not find any more until I had dragged those 4 a considerable distance. I had 3 sessions in the turrets, loot was not good with just one exception. Skill gains seemed a little on the low side.

Wolta took the next stint at the helm, I think she had better luck finding Horrors than I did as we were soon working quite hard in Engineering with consistent damage being taken by the ship. Again 3 visits to the turrets with consistently poor loot, after teh second visit damage dropped off for a while as Wolta struggled to find more Horrors. At the end of her session Wolta reported the Horrors were sparsely distributed but that skills were not too bad.

Nocturaline was next at the helm. Initially she found plenty of Horrors but they dried up and after a while there was a time in Engineering with nothing to do, it did not last long however. Nocturaline tried a loot pill, this made things much easier with auto loot at 0.020 AU, I shall use these in future, a good experiment. Nocturaline reported getting decent skills this evening.

Ironically after killing off the last batch there were plenty of Horrors floating about.

Loot was poor this week, I have not yet worked out just how poor.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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