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Answering the call

A previous passenger contacted me needing transport from Calypso to Arkadia, as both Wolta and I were already on Arkadia we needed to perform a pick-up, I headed spacewards while negotiating the price.

Once aboard I summoned Wolta who headed straight to Engineering while I took the helm. We left Arkadia Space Station and went to warp as soon as possible. The warp exit was very close to Calypso Space Station and I manoeuvred the ship to dock within about 10 seconds.

I summoned our passenger and once aboard immediately left Calypso Space Station again entering warp as soon as possible. Warp exit was not quite so close on the return journey but I was quite happy, we docked without incident and our passenger left for the space station happy with the service, which is always nice to know.

Wolta and myself attempted to shuttle to the surface but a couple of pirates were hanging about, Wolta was about to log so we returned to the ship where she did. I manoeuvred the ship to act as a safe marker on route to the planet and then took the quad, this time there were no pirates and I headed straight to the surface.

The negotiation has got me thinking about our pick-up prices, perhaps they are a little unfair. I shall be reviewing these tomorrow.

Site modifications 2

I have removed the link to Twitter, this was interfering  with its use to update off-line passengers with the ships status in the right-hand bar.

The Google link was not working, at least not by default, the option was available to check the box and use it but it was too easy to miss as can be seen by the lack of posts to the Google account, I think this has now been corrected.

Site modification

I have set-up the blog to post to twitter @pathfinderxxxi and to my google+ page Chela “Cee” Bias, I wanted to add it to the sub-page set-up specifically for PathfinderXXXI but this does not seem to be currently possible, hopefully in the future.

I will keep an eye on how this works to determine if I should leave these connections in place.

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