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Space Skilling Saturday 102 (an almost silent night)

Start Location:- Calypso Space
Time:- 1902 MA .
Present:- Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads A Christmas hangover

Once I had summoned Scarlott and Wolta, I needed to re log as the TT aboard ship was not working, in the real world you would bang it a couple of times, in EU the equivalent is a re-log, just as well really, the Christmas’ hangover prefers the quieter option.

We were soon under way with Wolta at the helm, I sat at the top rear gun during departure and spotted a hostile Quad give chase but it was not quick enough and we reached the safe zone around Crystal Palace before it could open fire, pity as I had it in my sights and with the hangover was feeling mean!

Once in the zone Wolta soon collected a decent group of Cosmic Horrors and we were busy in Engineering maintaining the systems. The first time I was called to the turret we scored a half global (roughly), sadly that was the best loot of the evening although I did manage to gain quite a lot of Nova, I’m thinking in future we could give each session a Nova rating.

After about 75 minutes Wolta relinquished the helm to me, we had planned to give Scarlott another go as pilot but she declined today. I continued for about 75 minutes and managed to get the ship to smoke a couple of times before heading back to Crystal Palace.

We did not chat much today, a few comments but not as much as usual, I know I had my sound turned down and that Wolta was also the worse for wear after yesterday’s festivities, apparently Scarlott was only suffering from a fudge hangover. Pretty much nothing happened. I returned to the planet in my Quad without incident, Scarlott took the TP and Wolta logged aboard ship.

The return was a poor 58% with as loss of 94 PED, that was MA’s Christmas gift to us Sleepyheads.

Space Skilling Saturday 101 (Scarlott gets alien head)

Start Location:- Calypso Space
Time:- 1855 MA .
Present:- Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads, Yuletide disruptions

Both Nocturaline and Phil were indisposed by the real world Yuletide and Kahlan had PC issues so we were down to just 3, a bit like old times.

Once all 3 of us were aboard I presented Scarlott with her Alien head making her an official Sleepyhead.

Wolta and I split the piloting duties into two 90 minute shifts, with Wolta taking the first one. While she was building her first stack I set up the #Sleepyheads channel and sent invites to all crew both on and off line. Wolta, Nocturaline and myself have been using #PathfinderXXXI since channels came into being, we shall transition to #Sleepyheads and I shall change the usage of #PathfinderXXXI. Wolta reported many Cosmic Horrors and had no problems building stacks, certainly Scarlott and myself were kept busy in Engineering, later Wolta was pleased to report she had been getting good skills. Sadly the loot had been quite poor.

I take the second shift at the helm, I also found plenty of mobs but I did not check my skill gains, our luck improved and we managed 2 globals one of 63 the other 125 PED. I did spot a single friendly Quad out hunting, once the pilot realised we were skilling he/she moved away, most considerate, thank you whoever you were.

I did not complete the 90 minutes but after about 75 relinquished the helm to Scarlott and provide some instruction in aggravating the Horrors and how to get them into a tight grouping so as to make things easier for the gunner. She did well but needs more awareness of the turret locations, we will make sure this happens. Whilst this was going on  Nocturaline made it on-line and joined in the conversation. After I killed the Horrors gathered by Scarlott she took us back to Crystal Palace on the way spotting Saratoga which appeared to be adrift, once there both Wolta and Scarlott logged.

I need to work out a pilot rota with length of time spent at the helm being related to the size of RK the person can use, I already have an idea but will work it out this week.

Hunting results are good, a return of 130.43% gives a profit of 79 PED.

Space Skilling Saturday 100 (a milestone SSS)

Start Location:- Arkadian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads and the 100th SSS

With all aboard a couple of minutes later than planned, I instructed Wolta to Warp to wherever she wished to skill, she promptly took us sub-warp into the Arkadian Training Grounds and we spent an hour skilling there against the Cosmic Horrors. Nocturaline had supplied some snowballs when she came aboard and a snowball fight broke out in Engineering at one point, Wolta spots a Mothership but did not get the name, a UFO perhaps?

After her hour Wolta hands over to me and I warp to the Locusta, this pushed the ship to the brink at one point, but it was well worth it, Engineering were kept busy for most of the hour and I managed a couple of small globals as well as a few decent loots. It seems 11 Locusta is about the safe limit with the combined repair ability of the crew and the current SI, the ship could handle a little more but if one happens to spawn too close it would be a case of emptying the chairs.

I pass on to Nocturaline the same instructions as I gave Wolta, Nocturaline elects to stay with the Locusta. 2 decent loots occur during her stint. It was necessary to supply an RK-20 to Wolta towards the end of the session. I spend some time explaining to Kahlan how to warp the ship. Once she was happy I asked Nocturaline to move the ship clear of the Locusta at the end of her shift and then hand the chair over to Kahlan for her first warp, which Nocturaline does.

Kahlan sits in the chair for the first time and initiates a warp which arrives very close to Crystal Palace, she then docks the ship swiftly, a very good job for this Warp Virgin. As there has been increased hostile activity of late both Nocturaline and myself manned the guns but we were not required.

Not a bad session, failed to make a profit but the loss was only 57 PED and the return was 90%.

Space Skilling Saturday 99 (plus an initial warp)

Location:- Arkadian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads No pyjamas party

We being at Calypso Space Station, about 1850, where I summon Nocturaline and Wolta, Wolta upgrades the SI further (Thank you Wolta) while I warp to Arkadia Space Station.  The warp is delayed while Micjack shoots at us for a while, he really is a very pleasant fellow, it does not take too long for him to realise he is onto a loser and turns away. I did hail him good evening but there was no reply, maybe he was ignoring the local channel.

Once docked at Arkadia Space Station Wolta takes the helm and I summon Scarlott, we leave as soon as she is aboard and head to the training grounds.

As is now usual the first hour is Wolta’s and I start the clock once damage is taken. Wolta reports seeing Kronan as do I during my first visit to a turret when I see the ship in my sights. After I return to Engineering, Wolta reports Kronan hails us with a “hello” which Wolta returns. Shortly after my second visit to the guns at about 1940 Kahlan joins us and is invited to the team. Loot was poor throughout.

I took the the second hour, the density of the Horrors was quite good considering both Varyag and Kronan were skilling in the vicinity, I spotted them both at various times during my session. The ship was brought to the point of smoking several times but I did not need to exit the seat, the second herd I gathered did not want to form into a ball and killing them all took 3 visits to the guns, I counted 20 but it’s difficult to be sure. Both Nocturaline and Phil crashed, Phil more than once.

Nocturaline was up next and found few Horrors initially but that soon changed. I had a lot to kill on my visits to the guns and Engineering was kept busy. The loot was consistently poor unfortunately.

A loss of 153 PED was recorded which was a return of just 45%, not a good week for Space loot it seems.


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