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Rocktropia to Calypso Sub-Warp.

Once aboard I log off and contact Lizzy requesting she take the ship to Calypso when she can.

Lizzy later reports that on leaving Rocktropia Space Station she is followed by a friendly quad but that this attacks her, she tried to contact me for assistance as it was not deterred by the Ships SI but to no avail. With only about 25% left in one of the repair points she logs. She logs on again about 30 minutes later only to die in space and revive aboard the ship which she then repairs, while repairing she is PM’d by “VanLot Ernestj Cinzano” who she thinks was the quad pilot but she does not understand the message (her English is not good, especially her written English). She tries to contact me again (I was sleeping) and getting no answer sets out to complete her mission. Again the Quad moves in but this time does not attack. Fearing an attack may come later she holds course for about ten minutes before changing course and increasing z before levelling off. She continues on this course for a further time before changing heading to take the ship to Calypso Space Station and is not troubled again.

I consider myself very fortunate to know Lizzy, she is very loyal and did not want to let me down, a true Sleepyhead. I feel some reward is in order in this instance.

Warp pick-up, Calypso Surface to Arkadia Space Station.

I noticed a potential client asking for a secure warp transport from Calypso to Arkadia Space Station on the #space_travel channel and responded that I could do this but would need to charge a pick-up fee as I was on Rocktropia, this was quickly agreed to and I headed to the ship while adding this new client to my FL, as soon as I was aboard I added him to the passenger list and was soon warping to Calypso Space Station.

On arrival I docked, noticing no active vessels in the vicinity in the process. I summoned the client who once aboard logged off. I initiated a second warp to take us to Arkadia Space Station.

Arriving at Arkadia SS I noticed one Quad Wing Hostile lurking close to the Station but it remained dormant. I updated the twitter feed and waited for the client to materialise. I was paid and we said our goodbyes.

I needed to return to Rocktropia for SSS this evening so headed in that direction at sub-warp but after calculating this would take me 2 hours decided to warp instead. Another uneventful warp later and I was docked at Rocktropia Space Station ready for SSS.

Sub-Warp, Crystal Palace to Rocktropia Space Station.

At logon I realised the usual suspects for Space Skilling Saturday were on Rocktropia and as I wished to go there anyway took the helm and headed there at sub-warp speed. No other active ship was spotted.

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