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Space Skilling Saturday 215 (At Arkadia III)

Start Location:- Arkadia Space Station.
Time:- 1856 MA.
Present:- Nocturaline, Ntina, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads – Evening Beautiful

I arrive with plenty of time, I was intending to do something on the surface first but that would have left me little time to prepare so it had to wait. There is a delay while I make coffee.

Wolta takes us to the training grounds and we encounter the Horrors at 1858.

Wolta’s hour:- Varyag spotted at 1905. Ntina joins at 1940. Only 1.71% in Captain skill.
Kills: 14 + 16

Cee’s hour:- During the first session an 883 PED HoF from a Cosmic Horror Provider. Obviously the loot was good, it would have been nice to have had a few more Horrors and skills seemed a bit slow.
Kills: 21 + 20

Nocturaline’s hour:- Ntina reports a cheeseburger is ready! Less than 1% gained on Captain skill for Nocturaline.
Kills: 22 + 18

Nocturaline takes us back to Arkadia Space Station on the way Pathfinder XVIII is spotted, flying a red triangle but with no title.

I decide that when we HoF I should share something with the crew, to be going on with it will be for each person 1 x RK-20 or 2 x RK-5s. Nocturaline and Phil elect to give theirs to Ntina, so Ntina receives 6 x RK-5s, Wolta takes an RK-20.

This week’s stats.
Kill total – 111
Balance – Gain of 816 of PED
Return – 347% (exactly)

Next week we move on to Next Island, the plan is for Wolta to warp us away from Arkadia at the beginning of the session. I will also be able to change the team name now that’s is mysterious purpose has been served.

Space Skilling Saturday 100 (a milestone SSS)

Start Location:- Arkadian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads and the 100th SSS

With all aboard a couple of minutes later than planned, I instructed Wolta to Warp to wherever she wished to skill, she promptly took us sub-warp into the Arkadian Training Grounds and we spent an hour skilling there against the Cosmic Horrors. Nocturaline had supplied some snowballs when she came aboard and a snowball fight broke out in Engineering at one point, Wolta spots a Mothership but did not get the name, a UFO perhaps?

After her hour Wolta hands over to me and I warp to the Locusta, this pushed the ship to the brink at one point, but it was well worth it, Engineering were kept busy for most of the hour and I managed a couple of small globals as well as a few decent loots. It seems 11 Locusta is about the safe limit with the combined repair ability of the crew and the current SI, the ship could handle a little more but if one happens to spawn too close it would be a case of emptying the chairs.

I pass on to Nocturaline the same instructions as I gave Wolta, Nocturaline elects to stay with the Locusta. 2 decent loots occur during her stint. It was necessary to supply an RK-20 to Wolta towards the end of the session. I spend some time explaining to Kahlan how to warp the ship. Once she was happy I asked Nocturaline to move the ship clear of the Locusta at the end of her shift and then hand the chair over to Kahlan for her first warp, which Nocturaline does.

Kahlan sits in the chair for the first time and initiates a warp which arrives very close to Crystal Palace, she then docks the ship swiftly, a very good job for this Warp Virgin. As there has been increased hostile activity of late both Nocturaline and myself manned the guns but we were not required.

Not a bad session, failed to make a profit but the loss was only 57 PED and the return was 90%.

Space Skilling Saturday 83 (half strength)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1803 MA.
Present:- Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads on a Ghostship

Nocturaline and Phil are on Holiday so we were down to two.

We left a few minutes late having decided to have 75 minute pilot sessions instead of the usual 60 and to have a break in between.

Wolta took the first shift and reported that there were not many Cosmic Horrors although from the repairs I was doing I think this changed. During her shift I visited the guns 4 times and on 2 occasions gained a Generic Fuse as well as a few other half decent loots.

After the break I took the second shift, I found it quite easy to find mobs. Wolta told me she was running out of Welding Wire so I took a short break and supplied some. At one point I got a 3rd Generic Fuse and again had a few better than normal loots. Towards the end of my session Wolta’s RK-20 ran out and by the time she had repaired the ship as I took it back to the Space Station her RK-5 had expired also.

A decent result this week which makes a pleasant change, a loss of only 19 PED with a return of 90%.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 51 (Captain F***wit)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta and Myself (Captain F***wit) .
Team name:- Sleepyheads your nightequus

We started slightly late, I (Captain F***wit) had not allowed enough time to leave Calypso, get to Crystal Palace and put most of my possessions into storage there, why would I (Captain F***wit) do that? Because Wolta has purchased an Equus and we are both trying to limit the weight we carry so that we can go and have some fun in it, we did try with our usual equipment load but it hardly moved.

During the trip from Calypso Space Station to Crystal Palace I (Captain F***wit), encountered Red PrimeRed Culver, we had a brief chat in local which was later continued in private chat after a friend request (clearly he does not yet know what a F***wit I (Captain F***wit) am. We talked about the limitations of a Vega Class ship in as much as it has no docking bay. I (Captain F***wit) explained the entry and exit mechanism and invited him to board at some point for a look around and a play. We will try to schedule this for a later date.

We had an uneventful journey from Crystal Palace with myself (Captain F***wit) at the helm. Once in the training zone I (Captain F***wit) soon found quite a lot of Cosmic Horrors, skill gains were low though. It was after about 30 minutes that I (Captain F***wit) realised that I (Captain F***wit) had put his welding wire and all of his RKs into storage at Crystal Palace immediately before leaving! We quickly made plans for a return to Crystal Palace after my (Captain F***wit’s) stint at the helm so that these items could be retrieved. This would drop the skilling time available by about 30 minutes.

After I (Captain F***wit) had completed an hour at the helm, had 3 sessions at the guns and not got much loot. I (Captain F***wit) steered us back to Crystal Palace without incident, where I (Captain F***wit) retrieved my welding wire and RKs, it was at this point that I (Captain F***wit) realised his RK-20 was at only 16.6%. Fortunately Wolta came to the rescue by giving me hers to use.

During my session as pilot I (Captain F***wit) gained a level in a couple of skills but lost what little dignity I (Captain F***wit) had left.

Wolta took us back to the training zone where she initially had trouble finding Cosmic Horrors and accused Captain F***wit of killing them all. However this was soon proved to be erroneous and I (Captain F***wit) was kept busy in Engineering with frequent trips to the turret to dispose of some Horrors. Cosmic Horrors are quite cute, would be good to get one as a pet, train it to level 7 then let it flop about at Twin Peaks. I (Captain F***wit) did get an almost global during Wolta’s stint which helped to make the trip relatively inexpensive.

At the end of the session Wolta took us back to Crystal Palace where I (Captain F***wit) returned her Rk-20 having used 1.1 PED of it. This session was good fun, partly due to the F***witery.

Tonight’s entertainment for Wolta was provided by Pink Floyd whilst Captain F***wit listened to nothing partly because he does not deserve to and partly because he forgot!

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