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Warp pick-up, Calypso Surface to Arkadia Space Station.

I noticed a potential client asking for a secure warp transport from Calypso to Arkadia Space Station on the #space_travel channel and responded that I could do this but would need to charge a pick-up fee as I was on Rocktropia, this was quickly agreed to and I headed to the ship while adding this new client to my FL, as soon as I was aboard I added him to the passenger list and was soon warping to Calypso Space Station.

On arrival I docked, noticing no active vessels in the vicinity in the process. I summoned the client who once aboard logged off. I initiated a second warp to take us to Arkadia Space Station.

Arriving at Arkadia SS I noticed one Quad Wing Hostile lurking close to the Station but it remained dormant. I updated the twitter feed and waited for the client to materialise. I was paid and we said our goodbyes.

I needed to return to Rocktropia for SSS this evening so headed in that direction at sub-warp but after calculating this would take me 2 hours decided to warp instead. Another uneventful warp later and I was docked at Rocktropia Space Station ready for SSS.

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