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Space Skilling Saturday 225 (At Calypso I)

Start Location:- Calypso Space Station.
Time:- 1756 MA.
Present:- Casper, Nocturaline, Ntina, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads jus passin through?

I arrive with a whole hour to spare, I am already aboard ship so began this log entry and made ready ammo and loot pills, Nocturaline is on line so we chat a little. When I summon Wolta Leroy Casper Hunter transports as well but is not equipped so has to return to the surface for his quad, Nocturaline provides him with RKs.

Wolta takes us to the Training Grounds via Crystal Palace, during the transition a quad takes one shot at us. We wait for Casper at Crystal Palace. We encounter the Cosmic Horrors at 1816. After the excitement of getting this SSS on the road the rest is bound to be a disappointment.

Wolta’s hour:- Within five minutes of starting Wolta reports a lack of mobs. Skill gains were poor too.
Kills: 13 + 14

Cee’s hour:- Decent density and skill gain messages seemed more frequent than is usual. Even had a few decent loots but not the one that matters.
Kills: 23 + 18

Nocturaline’s hour:- No Horrors to begin but that changed. A gain of +1.35% in Captain.
Kills: 22+ 20

This week’s stats.
Kill total – 110
Balance – Loss of 53 PED
Return – 84%

Next week Space Skilling Saturday will be staying at Calypso.

Space Skilling Saturday 161 (Hostiles!)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads just 5 more minutes

Arriving in good time I prepare and position the ship, Nocturaline is already waiting on board, Phil and Kahlan arrive and we wait for Wolta, who arrives just in time to take us out from the station.

Wolta’s hour, she cannot find any horrors and we do not encounter any until 1907. The first loot is just 24 nova.  27 kills with 25 and a 20 PED loots.

My hour, 52 kills  with 4 loots of about 25 PED. Pathfinder XXIX spotted as hostile. I had to stand twice during the final session on the turrets. A hostile quad was spotted at the end of the session so I waited until it was out of site before changing pilot.

Nocturaline’s hour, 50 kills for nothing of note,  we had to stand. Reports random mob density. Nocturaline returns us to Rocktropia Space Station.

A loss of 30 PED being a return of 92%.

Space Skilling Saturday 150 (Almost break even)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space.
Time:- 1858 MA.
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads It’s beginning to

Wolta takes us out, I sit on the top rear gun as I had spotted hostile quad while boarding but nothing came of it.

Wolta’s hour: a total of 25 kills gaining a Rad Conveyor and two Bio ID Verification units plus shrapnel in two loots. Both Nocturaline and I are disconnected as I tried to kill off the last batch of Horrors. Wolta gains 3.25% on Captain.

My hour, plenty of Horrors all the way through, I didn’t need to look for them at any point. 47 kills giving a Rad Conveyor and a 20 PED loot. Kahlan joins at 2030 hrs. 3.3% on Captain.

Nocturaline’s hour plenty of Horrors to begin but few at the end. 37 kills giving 2 * 20 PED loots. 3. 40% on Captain, 48% of level complete and an estimated 17 weeks until the next level is reached.

Nocturaline takes us back to Rocktropia Space Station.

A lost of just 15 PED and a return of 96%, not bad at all.

Space Skilling Saturday 147 (A decent session)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space.
Time:- 1901 MA.
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Horror hunters

I spend sometime trying to get screen shots to work, they have not done so since I installed Win 10 quite a few months ago now! Had to unchecked the manual option in Tracker, now I use the EU option when pressing Print Screen and not Tracker, Tracker is still used for globals but just gives me all black images.

Wolta takes us out and soon makes enemies of the Cosmic Horrors. Whilst damage seems quite good Wolta reports poor skill gains. 6 kills for nothing followed by 11 and a 40 PED loot.

My hour, lots of horrors and a hostile Quad Wing hangs around probably assessing our strength, he tries an horror and after a while heads toward Rocktropia. 21 kills and a Bio ID Verification, 22 kills, had to stand due to too much damage and about 40 PED in loot, 5 kills and zip.

Nocturaline, does not seem to have many Horrors has the last hour. 14 kills with a couple of 10 PED loots, 17 kills and zip. Nocturaline reports difficulty finding Horrors, +2.67% on Captain and +5% on VSE.

Nocturaline returns us to Rocktropia Space Station.

A good result tonight a loss of just 15 PED and a return of 94%. Even managed to publish this log on the same night.

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