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Return to Calypso

Wolta went to Celeste Quarry to tout for business and within about 15 minutes found us a new client, good going Wolta. A warp transport From Arkadia to Calypso with a shuttle to the surface was required. The warp transport went smoothly as did the shuttle to the surface, a single pirate was spotted but backed off as Wolta was escorting us in a second QuadWing.

After about 30 minutes our new client wanted to return to Arkadia, I had to delay things slightly as I was involved in something else so after another 15 minutes or so I headed into the big black and summoned Wolta and our new client, we headed to Arkadia at Warp, again this went smoothly and warp exit was very close to the Space Station.

The shuttle was easy, not a pirate to be seen. Wolta logged on the Station while I provided the shuttle service to the surface.

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