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Space Skilling Saturday 73 (A late siesta for the ladies).

Location:- Galactica Memorial.
Time:- 1145 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads no siesta today

A much earlier start than is usual, my fault, my daughter plans to visit in the evening and I have not seen her in too long. So yesterday I rearranged Space Skilling Saturday with Wolta and Nocturaline, the alternative was for me to miss it altogether.

With Wolta at the helm we left Monria and headed to the nearest zone (Galactica Memorial), the first mob was encountered at 1206 so that’s when Wolta’s hour began. At the beginning there were very few mobs available as was evident by the lack of damage noticed in Engineering, none of us needed to use our RK-20s. After about 20 minutes things improved, Wolta reported she had increased he z coordinate (Galactica Memorial is somewhat higher than other areas). During Wolta’s command I visited the turrets 3 times, loot was some what lacking but I did notice the mob levels were quite high with a couple of alpha Cosmic Horrors in the mix. At the end of her session Wolta reported that she had gained about 5% in Captain and had finished her wine, I was not sure if she meant glass, bottle, crate or vat.

Nocturaline took the helm next, clearly she found many more Horrors as the damage being taken was considerable and at times we struggled in engineering to maintain the ships integrity. In the first of four visits to a turret we managed a 72PED global and during the second visit a couple of loots in access of 20PED, I was optimistic of profit but that turned out to be foolish. Nocturaline reported a gain of about 6% in Captain, with the additional Horrors and damage taken that is no surprise.

I took the final session, I found it quite had to find more Horrors after the initial few and wasted some time looking for them but it turned out OK in the end. I had 3 visits to the turrets, the second of which was quite difficult as I had collected quite a large stack. Little loot was taken during my hour. It looks like I managed about 7% in Captain but that seems improbable I may have made an error here.

At the end of my session I headed to Rocktropia Space Station at sub-warp, a journey of about 40-45 minutes, while I did so the ladies had their much needed siesta. I saw no other active vessel during the journey.


A big thank you to both Wolta and Nocturaline for rearranging their weekends so that I can see my daughter.

Space Skilling Saturday 72 (into the unknown)

Location:- Sayah Space.
Time:- 1714 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads where are we?

Earlier today Nocturaline had scouted some other space locations looking for some with lots of mobs and had decided on Sayah Space, at just under 8au from Rocktropia it’s about a 45 minute journey Sub-warp. When I logged on I had a message from Wolta to inform me she was aboard and Nocturaline informed me of her choice, I made sure I had some loot pills for this week’s session and stored any lootables in Rocktropia storage before ascending to the ship and summoning Nocturaline. I was somewhat drunk and was hoping to be able to sit on a turret for a while but Nocturaline gave me the way point so I headed to the helm and set course for Sayah with Nocturaline and Phil at repair.

Wolta logged in just as we entered the area.

I took the first hour and a few minutes more. The Cosmic Horrors here are old to guardian level, at least that’s what I saw. They were quite plentiful and did more damage than we are used to but are not much more of a problem to kill. They do seem to have very shallow pockets though. I over ran because I had not got my last group into tight enough a ball to kill them all in one visit.

Wolta was up next. We were busy in Engineering and I paid 4 visits to the guns during Wolta’s stint. Wolta reports that we need to work with smaller stacks because the Horrors are bigger also that she gained 8% of a level in Captain which was about the same as I got.

Nocturaline took the last shift, again we were busy in Engineering, she did report that there was no engine noise, I do not remember if I had it or not. After her session Nocturaline took us to Monria via another zone.

Loot was quite poor and a fairly high loss was sustained.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Pick-up and a return transport.

A previous client contacted me while I was hunting on Monria with Wolta and Nocturaline. A warp return journey Arkadia – Calypso – Arkadia was required later in the day. I explained the pricing including a discount for a regular client, no easy task considering I was hunting, I also informed them of my availability.

On re-log later in the day, the job was go. I headed to the ship and informed Wolta and Nocturaline who joined me shortly. We headed away from Monria and initiated Warp, arriving almost immediately z+ of Arkadia Space Station consequently docking manoeuvres were minimal. I informed our client that the ship was at there disposal and after a short wait a summons request was made and executed.

Logged off transport was required so the site address was given and once the client had left EU, we headed away from Arkadia Space Station and engaged warp arriving above Calypso Space Station with the same degree of accuracy as previous, providing a swift transport, Twitter was updated, our client reconnected and headed to the surface while we waited in readiness.

About 50 minutes later the summons request was received and once our client was aboard and logged off we returned to Arkadia, once again arriving very close to the Space Station, with Twitter updated and re-log complete I was paid and our client headed to the surface.

We then headed to Crystal Palace at Sub-warp with Wolta and then Nocturaline at the helm. A small diversion was made in Gordon’s Belt for some minimal skilling.

Space chat was very active most of the journey, most of it seemed to he insulting pirates.

Space Skilling Saturday 36 (At Rocktropia & on to Monria)

Location:- Rocktropia.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline & Myself.

We started on time, Wolta took the first shift at the helm, she reported that there were very few mobs, I was kept busy though it was mostly using the RK-5, Wolta turreted the Cosmic Horrors at the end of her stint.

Nocturaline took the second shift, she managed to find more mobs, I was using the RK-20 quite a lot. I offered to kill the stack toward the end of her shift but she thought there were too many so she turreted them instead which took an extra 15 minutes or so.

I was last to the helm, I found quite a lot of Horrors and had to leave the seat several times to prevent the ship from blowing. At the end of my stint I sidled up to the pack and using the lower starboard gun killed them all, at the beginning of this process I could only kill 1 or 2 before I had to exit the seat, at the end I could take my time.

Once all had finished I set course for Monria Sub-Warp. the journey went without incident with all three of us aboard and conscious the entire time, I think that maybe a first.

This week’s entertainment was supplied by the Miskatonic Musings, Mike & Mike & The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast for me. Wolta was listening to Alain Bashung and Nocturaline was listening to a youtube conference “marion sigaut, sur les lumieres”.

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