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Warp transport Rocktropia to Crystal Palace.

April 15th 2017: I was in need of a logged off transport to Crystal Palace, every once in a while I have to visit the home system to resupply. I took all I needed and went aboard ship from where I contacted Lizzy before logging off.

April 16th 2017: Lizzy reports the warp transport is complete and that we are docked at Crystal Palace, the journey was without incident.

Sub-warp to Arkadia and back

Tuesday the 1st. On login I found Nocturaline had left the ship so prepared for departure, I noticed a message on space travel asking for a warp from Calypso to Arkadia, I responded by a PM and waited about 10 minutes for a response, I didn’t get one. Would have been fortuitous.

I took the helm and steered away from Crystal Palace, once clear I moved away from the Galactic plane and set course for Zeus, just in case I did not have time to go all the way. The course was accurately set as I managed to crash into Zeus whilst not paying attention! It so happened that I did have time so set a new course for Arkadia Space Station.

I arrived and docked without issue though there was a hostile lurking. I was in no hurry and it was late so I logged.

Wednesday the 2nd. After collecting items from Arkadia I return to the ship and log off, Lizzy was available as planned and she transported me back to Crystal Palace.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 88 (2 Globals, no waiting)

Earlier in the day Lizzy had taken us to Crystal Palace Sub-Warp and after I had headed out toward Sayah Space again at Sub-Warp but had logged part way there. I logged back in in time to get to Sayah Space where I was met by Nocturaline and Wolta arriving in their Equus’ (Equusi?), Phil was already aboard (he still has not cleaned up).

Location:- Sayah Space.
Time:- 1750 MA.
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads myth of a Space Hof

I was already in the seat so I took the first shift. The skill gains seemed a bit low to me and the Cosmic Horrors were a bit thinly spaced but I managed to get some decent stacks for the first 3 visits to the guns and in each of those visits managed at least one loot of about 13 PED. The fourth visit was after not very much time so the stack was small but I still managed one loot of about 5 PED. Not a bad session.

Wolta took the 2nd shift, I forgot to start the clock but fortunately Wolta had made a note. Wolta reported good skill gains and we were quite busy in Engineering too. Wolta did suffer from a disconnect and there was a point were everything hung for all of us except Phil. Best loots were 23 PED during the first visit, 13 PED during the second and 10 PED during the fourth. So far loot had been significantly better than usual and I was feeling pretty happy.

Nocturaline took the final stint in the chair, she also found the skill gains to be decent and Engineering was busy again. Best loots were 2 globals of 89 and 94 PED respectively on the third visit, there was only about 50 seconds between them. Afterwards, Nocturaline took us back to Monria where we disembarked.

Made a profit this week of 97 PED which is a return of 128 %, feeling very happy about this.

Warp, Rocktropia to Crystal Palace

I needed to transport quite a lot of cargo to Crystal Palace. Fortunately Lizzy was available and so with me logged out she warped from Rocktropia to Crystal Palace. After she reported that there were no problems and no encounters.

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