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Warp 10!

I was contacted while on Arkadia, a client wished to warp from Calypso to Howling Mine and back, I was in two minds as I needed to return to Arkadia after so there would be 2 non-chargeable warps but decided to do it anyway, clearly the client was working towards completing Mission Galactica and I did not want to slow progress. I asked the Sleepyheads if they wanted to come, Nocturaline and Phil decided to, Wolta did too but was a little late.

After reaching the ship I summoned the crew and we were under way.

Warp 1: Just as I was going to warp Wolta decided to come but it was too late. We reached Calypso and summoned the client, who logged off almost immediately.

Warp 2: We headed to Howling mine, arrived quite close and docked promptly, the ships status was made know via twitter and our client re-logged and teleported to Howling Mine.

Warp 3: The client returned, paid and sat in a turret while we warped to Calypso. On arrival the client left the ship.

Warp 4: We left Calypso and returned to Arkadia, we were just docking when the client requested some more warps.

Warp 5: Just as we were leaving Arkadia I remembered Wolta and summoned her before we went to warp once more and arrived back at Calypso.

Warp 6: I summoned the client once more and again we performed a logged off transport to Howling Mine, once there the ships location was tweeted and our client returned to the ship before disembarking. We waited.

Warp 7: The client returned and needed us to go to any Space Station, I made the mistake of warping to Athena which whilst being safe is a long way from the z=0 plane. We waited while the client visited the station and returned. It was at this point that Wolta logged, I was so busy I did not notice, sorry Wolta.

Warp 8: With the client aboard we returned to Howling Mine, I arrive at about z =-2500 and had to travel sub-warp to the Mine, fortunately the client was understanding, I will not make that mistake again. The client visited Howling Mine for the last time and returned with his reward, a healing chip which does look rather good.

Warp 9: The client paid and we returned to Calypso where we said our goodbyes.

Warp 10: We returned to Arkadia. Nocturaline and I returned to the surface in my Quad.

During all of this I noticed only 1 other active vessel and it turned out to be the client taking his Quad from Calypso Space Station.

This is by far the busiest time the ship has had since it was acquired. Good fun, slightly profitable and very tiring. I need to revise the pricing structure to simplify it, I also need to work out how to pay crew for their time when running transports where they are required.

Sub-warp, Next Island to Rocktropia

At login Nocturaline informed me that all of Drop Zone’s had left Next Island, therefore my presence there was pointless. I spent a little time debating with myself where I should go and came to the conclusion that it should be Rocktropia, although there was good reason at the time it currently eludes me. I made my way via Howling Mine and arrived without incident.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 47 (Leaving Next Island)

Location:- Next Island Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads, bye bye NI

We left a few minutes late, Wolta was first at the helm and took us from the sanctuary of the space station to the training grounds where she proceeded to take damage while the rest of us repaired. We planned to move on at Sub-warp after the session but with Rocktropia, the intended destination, being about 2 hours away there was real danger of the pilot dozing off. Wolta suggested we head to Howling Mine after the Skilling session and that she take the ship to Rocktropia the following morning. An excellent idea.
During Wolta’s session I was called to the turret twice, the second time to wipe out the mobs prior to Wolta leaving the helm.

Nocturaline was up next, she reported that there were not many mobs and it took her a while to establish a decent amount of damage. However she did find enough and again I was called to the turret twice.

I was next to the helm, I found enough Cosmic Horrors quite quickly but I was struggling to stay awake, it got to the point where I could not control the ship as I kept sleeping for a second or two and was wandering all over the place. After 35 minutes I realised I could not continue and after killing a few mobs handed the helm over to Nocturaline and headed for repair where I passed out. I do not know what happened after that.

Nearly an hour later I come round, Nocturaline is piloting the ship, Wolta and Phil have gone. I get into a turret and realise we are heading to Howling Mine, it’s about 20 minutes away.

I normally get tired during Space Skilling Saturday but it has not been this bad before.

Sorry Sleepyheads.

Entertainment tonight for me was all podcasts, some Mike and Mikes, an Inside the Huddle and episode 245 of the H. P. Lovecraft literary podcast. Wolta was listening to Patti Smith and Nocturaline to Marilyn Manson.

Do the Sub-Warp Shuffle

Crystal Palace to Toulan.

I knew I could not complete the entire journey in one go so I set out solo from Crystal Palace heading towards Cyrene, once clear I headed z+ and changed course for Erebos. I saw no other vessel on route and on arrival descended upon the Space Station and hung, nose down, like a whale in song. I left the ship here for an hour or so while I was off-line, maybe it was singing, maybe not.

On my return I headed z+ again and altered course for Howling Mine, I was not sure if I would be able to stay awake long enough to reach Toulan and planned to stay at howling mine overnight if necessary however on approach it became apparent that I would be able to do the entire journey without dozing off so altered course for Toulan and after a little while arrived safely and without incident.

The only ships I spotted on route where docked at Space Stations. Space chat was quite busy  though, after the announcement of changes to space it seems the pirates are rather pleased.

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