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Space Skilling Saturday 126 (’cause waking up is hard to do)

Start Location:- Rocktropian Space
Time:- 1800 MA .
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads moving Bees

Wolta takes us out as is usual, we are on time and encounter the Cosmic Horrors at 1806.

Wolta’s hour starts with a lack of Horrors and a lack of skill gains for Wolta. I’m called to the turrets at 1817 and discover I have forgotten to allocate both loot pills and Ammo so sorted this in the gun seat, there are just 3 Horrors to kill. Wolta reports still no skill gains, this continues until 1824! My second visit to the turrets occurs at 1849, there are only 6 Horrors with less than that in the 3rd visit.

My hour, after 15 minutes I have enough Horrors to keep Engineering busy but I’m dozing off, I let the crew know and it seems they are all in the same state, I blame this ships aircon. I went on to get a few decent loots, Horrors were sparse and skill gains seemed few.

Nocturaline’s hour, within 10 minutes she reports that plenty of mobs have been found, this is corroborated by the amount of work we are doing in Engineering. Nocturaline’s session continues like this but she still does not get much skill.

After Nocturaline returns us to Rocktropia Space Station.

A loss of 67 PED and a return of 75%.

Space Skilling Saturday 107 (#sleepyheads issues resolved)

Start Location:- Rocktropian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Sword of Damocles

During the week I had raised a case about the #sleepyheads issues of last week, it was resolved within 24 hours. Good going.

We began on time though Kahlan was missing at that point. Wolta took us into the training grounds and took the first hour, we engaged the Cosmic Horrors at 1901 and at 1908 Wolta reported reaching level 17 Captain, big Gratz to her. Kahlan joins us at 1940. Loot was not good.

I take the 2nd hour, Kahlan has to leave temporarily. Cosmic Horrors seemed a little sparse to me and skill gain seemed slow, the only event of note was that at one point when I exited a turret I emerged in Engineering, clearly the seats are over complicated. Loot was not good.

Nocturaline has hour 3, she also reports that the Horrors are sparse. Kahlan reconnects for the remainder of the session. Loot was not good.

A loss of 111 PED this week, a return of just 60%.

Space Skilling Saturday 98 (reduced crew)

Location:- Arkadian Space
Time:- 1900 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Gävlebocken vakner

Earlier in the day I increased the ships S.I. a little, with the crew doing this over the past few weeks it seems only right I should contribute.

Nocturaline and Phil are late (2 weeks in a row), Wolta and I wait until Wolta remembers that they are helping a friend, having been told this I also remember. Neither of us can recall what would be happening with a start time, so at 1915 we leave the station with Wolta at the helm.

The first hour is Wolta’s, we are not sure of how many Cosmic Horrors to annoy as while I shoot there will be no repair, we start with getting just 5. When the time came Wolta reminded me to take a loot pill, I forget every week! 5 proved to be easy so we try for 10 next time. This was not necessary as Kahlan joined us at about 1940, Nocturaline at about 1945 and Phil at 1950. Now we don’t need to worry about the Number of Horrors. I give Wolta extra time at the helm to make up for 30 minutes of only me at the helm, during which time she reports that Kronan steals her mobs. Wolta reports “Not many mobs but skill was good and I hear Pink Floyd, I really like them”

I have the next hour, surprisingly there are enough mobs and I manage to get a stack of more than 25 Horrors, there is plenty of damage being taken and the ship starts smoking several times. I see Varyag a few times whilst building the stack but we manoeuvre to avoid each other. Killing so big a stack can be difficult and I have to ask Engineering to change the repair point they are concentrating on twice. During the killing spree we manage a global which is always good. It took most of my hour to build and drain that stack but still managed a decent sized second stack which I polished off almost exactly at the 60 minute point. The skill gains seemed good and the loot was OK too.

Nocturaline had the third hour and soon had a decent amount of Horrors attacking us. I remember to take a look pill before entering a turret for the first time in Nocturaline’s session. At about 40 minutes in Nocturaline spots Kronan. Nocturaline was trying to gain level 22 Captain and was close to doing this so we extend her session by a few minutes so she can complete this. Once done I kill quite a large stack, getting one decent loot before Nocturaline returns us to the station.

This weeks loss was just 58 PED, which was a return 80%, a good week and not just because of the hunt, this session flew by.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 94 (Chaos)

Location:- Graveyard Fields
Time:- 1900 MA (Kind of) .
Present:- Antzy, Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Danse Macabre

Prior to 1700, I wished to store some items at Crystal Palace so once aboard the ship I set off from Calypso Space Station. There were hostiles in the area, micjack being one of them but I ignored them and went anyway, the ship’s SI has deterred them in the past and I could see no reason as to why this would change. However, it did, micjack began firing almost immediately so I said “Good evening”, another hostile joined and possibly a 3rd? With no gunner and no engineers aboard all I could do was run for it which makes it easier as the attackers can focus their guns on just one repair point. Arriving in the safe zone around Crystal Palace and with the ship getting quite badly damaged I headed for the TP but the ship blew as I got to the bottom of the stairs and I was ejected into space with very few HP left. I said on the local channel “not quite fast enough” referring to my transit. A quad began firing at me and missed several times before I realise I had been in the safe zone long enough for me to no longer be damageable, the quad pilot did not realise this for a few more shots and as he and micjack turned away I said “good try :)”. It was the closest shave I have had and I shall be more cautious in future, just one person on repair would have made a difference here. I shall need to consider upgrading again so that I can make the run solo.

After storing my items I headed back to the ship and began to repair, I was joined shortly by Phil and we completed repairs together before I headed back to the Space Station safe zone, this time ignored by hostiles.

Wolta logs in aboard ship and tells me she needs to go to Crystal Palace. Arriving in the Space Station safe zone I initiate a summons and Antzy, Nocturaline and Scarlott answer and are welcomed aboard, I ask Nocturaline to instruct Scarlott in her duties whilst I turn around and head back to Crystal Palace so Wolta can make her visit. On the way Antzy tells me she has forgotten to bring her sweat and textures. Arriving at Crystal Palace again Wolta and Antzy disembark. I talk Antzy trough getting to the TP but it does not work and she needs a re-log before she can get to Calypso. Wolta returns to the ship and I head back to the Space Station to summon Antzy for a second time. With everyone finally aboard I head back to Crystal Palace and then turn away until clear before warping to Graveyard Fields where I relinquish the helm to Wolta. I’m fairly exhausted by this point.

After all that the Skilling session was something of an anticlimax.

Wolta takes the first session, there are plenty of Cosmic Horrors and plenty of damage to go with them, loot was somewhat lacking so no surprises there.

I took the second shift, I got a bit carried away and at one point had a train of 24 Horrors on the ship, I had to stand a couple of times while at the gun to prevent the ship from being destroyed. Skills were OK and I had no problems finding Horrors.

Nocturaline was last to the helm and again we were busy, there were lots of Horrors to kill.

Both Wolta and Nocturaline had little to report apart from this being a fun session.

New Blood tonight, Scarlott’s first time on a ship, I thought she did very well, paid attention to the situation and reacted appropriately. I hope she becomes a regular.

At the end of the session Nocturaline warped us to Arkadia where Nocturaline, Scarlott and Myself descended to the surface in one Quad and one Equus messing about a bit on the way.

Needless to say another loss was achieved -125 PED, 66.5% return.

That aside this was a fun session, the early logistics were a tad stressful as multiple private chats while trying to do something can be confusing.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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