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Sub-warp to Graveyard Fields

In readiness for this evening’s Space Skilling Saturday, I took the ship solo and sub-warp from Rocktropia Space Station to Graveyard Fields where I left it floating, damaged and adrift, Ghostship!

Sub-warp semi round trip

I needed to bid on and collect some items from auctions on Rocktropia and Calypso. I headed out from Arkadia towards Rocktropia diverting slightly to take in the Graveyard Fields where I took a little damage. After out running the Cosmic Horrors there I found I could not leave my seat to facilitate repairs so cruised into Rocktropian Space in a state of some disrepair.

I spent about 10 minutes on Rocktropia before heading towards Calypso. The journey was uneventful but once at Calypso I once again could not leave the pilot seat. I relogged and was on the middle deck so headed to the surface in my quad.

Again I was only on the surface for about 10 minutes before heading back into space and then on towards Zeus, I knew I did not have time to make it back to Arkadia so stopped there for the night. Starfinder XXXI was still docked there.

Space Chat was very quiet and during the entire journey I did not see another active ship.

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