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The Arkadia run

After spending 2 nights at Crystal Palace it was time to return to Arkadia, there was no great hurry as long as I was there for the start of Space Skilling Saturday all would be well so I split the journey into 2.

The first leg was a sub warp run to Zeus Space Station where I checked if I could leave the seat, I could not so a pre-emptive re-log was made, once done it was into Gordon’s Belt for a little Skilling and hunting. The pre-emptive re-log was ineffective.

The second leg was also sub warp into the Arkadian training ground where I circled until a couple of Cosmic Horrors destroyed the ship. After revive I returned to the ship and repaired it.

Warp Arkadia to Calypso.

I heard someone requesting warp transport to Calypso while I was at Celeste Quarry. Once I said I could do this a second person wanted transport also. I told them the rate and made a team to add them to the Guest List before I headed spaceward in my Quad.

As soon as I was aboard I added them to the list and initiated the summons. Both paid me before the warp and neither required a logged off transport so I headed out from the station and initiated warp. We arrived quite close to the station where my customers disembarked. One of them kindly FL’d me.

I immediately set out Sub-warp to Arkadia, via Crystal Palace and Gordon’s Belt. It was as I was approaching Gordon’s Belt that I realised heading to Arkadia was the wrong thing to be doing. I have a won auction to collect from Rocktropia and some changes to make to Pamela on Calypso. I entered the belt anyway and gained some skills when attacked by the Cosmic Horrors, once again I was not able to leave the chair so waited for the ship to blow so that I could repair it and try again. Realising the lateness of the hour I headed toward Erebos Space Station where I stayed overnight.

Sub-warp, Zeus to Arkadia

I headed away from Zeus and into Gordon’s Belt where I took some damage, a little too much damage, I tried to leave the seat but had the same issue as before and the ship blew (I sympathise with you Bonnie but I admit it was entirely my fault). After repairs at Zeus I again headed into Gordon’s Belt and again took damage but this time I could leave the seat to facilitate repairs. I also took the opportunity to shoot a few but did not do very well however I did gain a few skill levels.

I headed then to the Arkadia Training grounds where I allowed a Cosmic Horror to destroy the ship. On revive I repaired the ship and docked it in it’s customary position before heading the the surface, there was one Quad at the Space Station, the triangle was green so I just headed straight to Arkadia, sure enough the Quad left me alone.

Sub-Warp, Calypso – Arkadia

In order to be in Arkadian Space tomorrow for Space Skilling Saturday we departed Calypso Space Station about 2100 MA, aboard were Wolta (logged off), Nocturaline and myself.

The trip was slow and largely uneventful, we spent a little time skilling in Gordon’s Belt before continuing to the Arkadian Training Grounds where we allowed the ship to be destroyed.

Arriving at Arkadia Space Station about 2330 MA, Nocturaline and I repaired the ship before falling asleep in the Engine Room.

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