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Space Skilling Saturday 2 (Drunk in Charge of a Spaceship)

Only 3 of us this week, Wolta, Nocturaline and myself, It looked for a short while that Antzy may join us but she decided to leave it until next week.

The plan was that I take us to the hunting grounds and then each of us have an hour at the helm while the other 2 repaired or possibly hunted. I took the first hour, I was somewhat drunk and had a few narrow escapes when I had to leave the helm in a hurry (to prevent the ship being destroyed not because I was going to hurl). The alcohol did get the better of me after about 45 minutes, I was just too slow after taking a critical and the ship was destroyed.

We repaired and while Wolta made dinner I took the ship out once again. I vacated the helm in favour of Wolta as we approached the hunting grounds and spent my time repairing along with Nocturaline. Sadly before Nocturaline had her chance at the helm she was called away and had to log.

Wolta and I continued, I frequently needed to switch to the RK-20 and often lost track of what I was repairing but managed to keep the ship together. Wolta too needed to go so she took the ship back to C.P. We arrived about 2130 and Wolta logged.

A fun evening and quite successful, sometimes the real-world just gets in the way.  I need to look at a way to advertise this a bit to try to get a few more people aboard. Maybe it’s time I tried to work out Google Circles, I have tried several times before but it has always eluded me.

Site modification

I have set-up the blog to post to twitter @pathfinderxxxi and to my google+ page Chela “Cee” Bias, I wanted to add it to the sub-page set-up specifically for PathfinderXXXI but this does not seem to be currently possible, hopefully in the future.

I will keep an eye on how this works to determine if I should leave these connections in place.

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