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Space Skilling Saturday 103 (The consequences of loyalty)

Start Location:- Calypso Space
Time:- 1858 MA .
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Full Thrust for 2016

We start with just Wolta and myself aboard, I had a message from Nocturaline earlier saying she would join us during the second hour.

Wolta took the helm and I sat in the rear turret while we left the Calypso system and headed to the training ground, just before arrival I left the turret and took my place in Engineering. We engaged the Cosmic Horrors at 1911. Wolta was cautious with the quantity, as there was only myself repairing things could easily go wrong. After my first visit to the guns we decided we could probably do more but both Nocturaline and Phil logged in about 1930 so there was no need to be concerned by it. We are kept very busy in Engineering, with the RK-20s not always managing to keep the ship in good condition. At the end of Wolta’s shift I am called to the guns for the 2nd time and find there to be only 6 Cosmic Horrors!

I take the next shift, I find the mob density to be quite good but that skill gains are low, I encounter a dense group of Horrors and ask Wolta if she may have lost them and she admits that she “Might of”. We manage a decent global during my second change of seat and have several Nova only loots.

Nocturaline takes the third hour, she reports a lack of mobs but finds some after changing location, there are a few decent loots as well. After her hour Nocturaline returns us to Crystal Palace where we disembark.

I head to storage there and stow all the loot with the exception of a mind force implant before heading back to the hanger and launching my Quad, I emerge to see Nocturaline and Wolta disappearing towards Calypso and head after them. I spot a hostile ahead of me, heading from the Space Station to Crystal Palace and wait for it do dock before continuing. As I leave the safe zone a Friendly comes into view also heading from the Space Station to Crystal Palace, this friendly is being pursued by a hostile, micjack. micjack breaks off his pursuit and comes after me, I turn and we begin to fire at each other while circling at quite close range, I manage to land a few hits but his experience pays off, my Quad is destroyed and shortly after so am I, fortunately I have no lootables about my person. I revive on the ship and decide to wait before continuing. Soon after both Wolta and Nocturaline revive next to me. Having loyally come to my aid micjack had also destroyed them, he brags of destroying 2 Equus in space chat, can’t really blame him for that.

Today’s results were quite good, a gain of 43 PED which was a return of 117%.

Space Skilling Saturday 97 (more nova please)

Location:- Arkadian Space
Time:- 1910 MA .
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads we want more nova

We started a little late, partly because I was quite disorganised having only just finished a Magurg Breeder hunt and was chatting too, partly because Nocturaline was late.

Wolta took us out from the station and had the first hour at the helm. We seldom needed to use the RK-20, I think there were a lack of Cosmic Horrors. Wolta thinks Kronan fired on us just once.

I took the middle hour, there was just one Horror available to me, I headed toward the centre and slowly picked up a few but they were very sparse tonight which made this quite a frustrating exercise we do this to skill and it is unnecessarily difficult. Oh well.

The last hour belonged to Nocturaline who very quickly reported a lack of Horrors. She did find considerably more than I did however and reported a good skill gain in Captain.

Loot was consistently poor with a return of 61% which was a loss of 87 PED. I think I got less than 30 Nova.

Kahlan, Phil and Wolta logged aboard ship, Nocturaline returned to the Arkadian surface in her Equus whilst Scarlott and Myself went in my quad.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 94 (Chaos)

Location:- Graveyard Fields
Time:- 1900 MA (Kind of) .
Present:- Antzy, Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Danse Macabre

Prior to 1700, I wished to store some items at Crystal Palace so once aboard the ship I set off from Calypso Space Station. There were hostiles in the area, micjack being one of them but I ignored them and went anyway, the ship’s SI has deterred them in the past and I could see no reason as to why this would change. However, it did, micjack began firing almost immediately so I said “Good evening”, another hostile joined and possibly a 3rd? With no gunner and no engineers aboard all I could do was run for it which makes it easier as the attackers can focus their guns on just one repair point. Arriving in the safe zone around Crystal Palace and with the ship getting quite badly damaged I headed for the TP but the ship blew as I got to the bottom of the stairs and I was ejected into space with very few HP left. I said on the local channel “not quite fast enough” referring to my transit. A quad began firing at me and missed several times before I realise I had been in the safe zone long enough for me to no longer be damageable, the quad pilot did not realise this for a few more shots and as he and micjack turned away I said “good try :)”. It was the closest shave I have had and I shall be more cautious in future, just one person on repair would have made a difference here. I shall need to consider upgrading again so that I can make the run solo.

After storing my items I headed back to the ship and began to repair, I was joined shortly by Phil and we completed repairs together before I headed back to the Space Station safe zone, this time ignored by hostiles.

Wolta logs in aboard ship and tells me she needs to go to Crystal Palace. Arriving in the Space Station safe zone I initiate a summons and Antzy, Nocturaline and Scarlott answer and are welcomed aboard, I ask Nocturaline to instruct Scarlott in her duties whilst I turn around and head back to Crystal Palace so Wolta can make her visit. On the way Antzy tells me she has forgotten to bring her sweat and textures. Arriving at Crystal Palace again Wolta and Antzy disembark. I talk Antzy trough getting to the TP but it does not work and she needs a re-log before she can get to Calypso. Wolta returns to the ship and I head back to the Space Station to summon Antzy for a second time. With everyone finally aboard I head back to Crystal Palace and then turn away until clear before warping to Graveyard Fields where I relinquish the helm to Wolta. I’m fairly exhausted by this point.

After all that the Skilling session was something of an anticlimax.

Wolta takes the first session, there are plenty of Cosmic Horrors and plenty of damage to go with them, loot was somewhat lacking so no surprises there.

I took the second shift, I got a bit carried away and at one point had a train of 24 Horrors on the ship, I had to stand a couple of times while at the gun to prevent the ship from being destroyed. Skills were OK and I had no problems finding Horrors.

Nocturaline was last to the helm and again we were busy, there were lots of Horrors to kill.

Both Wolta and Nocturaline had little to report apart from this being a fun session.

New Blood tonight, Scarlott’s first time on a ship, I thought she did very well, paid attention to the situation and reacted appropriately. I hope she becomes a regular.

At the end of the session Nocturaline warped us to Arkadia where Nocturaline, Scarlott and Myself descended to the surface in one Quad and one Equus messing about a bit on the way.

Needless to say another loss was achieved -125 PED, 66.5% return.

That aside this was a fun session, the early logistics were a tad stressful as multiple private chats while trying to do something can be confusing.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 91 (Sleepyheads are sleepyheads!)

Location:- Arkadia training ground.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads pillow’s cool side

Whilst all were ready for 1800 there was a slight delay as Nocturaline further increased the ship’s structural integrity, it seems she has got the bug for it! Thank you Nocturaline.

With myself at the helm we engaged the Cosmic Horrors, the skills seemed low and the Horrors were quite sparsely distributed, there was one decent loot of a Bio ID verification unit but other than that nothing of remark. I did see Kronan, also skilling.

Wolta took the next hour at the helm, she spotted both Kronan and Varyag during her stint, she also reports poor skills and sparse distribution of Horrors, the loot was unremarkable appearing low at all kills.

The third hour was taken by Nocturaline, after reporting very few Horrors she headed toward the middle of the zone, the mob density improved but was still low, skills were not good and loot was quite low with one exception in the double digits. Both Wolta and Myself are fighting sleep during the last half hour of Nocturaline’s session.

After, Nocturaline takes us to the Space Station where all log, except Nocturaline and Myself, we descend to Arkadia, in Quad and Equus as I was carrying some loot.

To my surprise my loss was quite low, 90 PED which was a return of 81%.

I am beginning to think along the lines of crew training and a series of commands that would be of use in combat. Once I make a start we can practice this during SSS.

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