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Warp, Calypso to Next Island, maximum passengers.

I had been informed by Nocturaline earlier in the week that her Soc. (Drop Zone) wanted to transport quite a few people to Next Island this weekend and after a few conversations the time was scheduled for 1500 today.  I managed to login in time.  Nocturaline made a team and as she added members I added them to the ship’s guest list. By the time everyone had logged in I had a total of 11 people aboard including my self, this is the most I have had aboard at any one time.

All were given access to the guns but few took the opportunity, the warp went smoothly but disembarkation was quite drawn out with few not knowing how to use the teleporter, I also had to assist one of them who kept crashing before reaching Next Island, we tried 3 times before we got into the atmosphere but once done I delivered him to the cave so he could join the rest of the group in Ancient Greece.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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