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Don’t Drink and Warp!

Wolta and myself were busy hunting on Calypso when we got the call. Our client needed a pick-up from Rocktropia and transport to Calypso.

We quickly stored our loots and headed toward the big black. Once aboard Wolta went straight to Engineering and I jumped into the pilot’s seat.

The journey to Rocktropia passed without incident, we picked up our client and headed back to Calypso, also without incident.

I did make an error in calculating the fare and charged 10PED less than I should have! Serves me right, I don’t drink and drive but I do drink and warp and I was a little worse for ware!

Wolta and I did see a pirate on our way to the surface but he headed off somewhere and we got to Calypso with no problem except the free fall to the ground. I was in the water enough to survive while Wolta did not get quite wet enough!

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