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Training TigeRPaw

TigeRPaw had expressed an interest in Space Skilling, some time ago she did warp the ship see Warps: Rocktropia – Crystal Palace – Next Island so is not a complete novice however this was about two and a half years ago.

We took my Quad from the surface of Calypso to the Space Station and then onto Crystal Palace where from the Hanger we TP’d aboard, the ship being positioned too close to the asteroid to permit a direct transfer from the Quad.

From here TigeRPaw piloted the ship from dock to the Training Grounds while listening to my very basic instructions, once Horrors were spotted I stayed in a turret while she collected the first two before going to the repair stations. TigeRPaw collect five in total and once there were no more skills to be had was talked through positioning the ship ready for them to be killed, which was done successfully.

TigeRPaw repeated this without any further instruction, there was a hiccup in that I took a phone call that I could not hurry and we ended up with a little more than five Horrors and a ship very close to blowing from either repair point but we managed it. Unfortunately this did take quite a lot of time during which TigeRPaw gained no skills but some experience.

We went through the process a third time, this time eight Horrors were collected, drained and killed. After repairs I took the ship back to Crystal Palace while TigeRPaw was in Engineering and later in a turret.

The whole session lasted about one and three quarter hours and even resulted in a small profit. At Crystal Palace we went our separate ways. TigeRPaw may join us for Space Skilling Saturday once in a while.

Space Skilling Saturday 91 (Sleepyheads are sleepyheads!)

Location:- Arkadia training ground.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads pillow’s cool side

Whilst all were ready for 1800 there was a slight delay as Nocturaline further increased the ship’s structural integrity, it seems she has got the bug for it! Thank you Nocturaline.

With myself at the helm we engaged the Cosmic Horrors, the skills seemed low and the Horrors were quite sparsely distributed, there was one decent loot of a Bio ID verification unit but other than that nothing of remark. I did see Kronan, also skilling.

Wolta took the next hour at the helm, she spotted both Kronan and Varyag during her stint, she also reports poor skills and sparse distribution of Horrors, the loot was unremarkable appearing low at all kills.

The third hour was taken by Nocturaline, after reporting very few Horrors she headed toward the middle of the zone, the mob density improved but was still low, skills were not good and loot was quite low with one exception in the double digits. Both Wolta and Myself are fighting sleep during the last half hour of Nocturaline’s session.

After, Nocturaline takes us to the Space Station where all log, except Nocturaline and Myself, we descend to Arkadia, in Quad and Equus as I was carrying some loot.

To my surprise my loss was quite low, 90 PED which was a return of 81%.

I am beginning to think along the lines of crew training and a series of commands that would be of use in combat. Once I make a start we can practice this during SSS.

Space Skilling Saturday 65 (Say it with a global)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil, Yoghurt and Myself.
Team name:- Congrats to JBK and ABK (nee S)

I moved the ship from Crystal Palace to Calypso Space Station prior to starting so as to be ready to summon Nocturaline before picking Wolta up whilst passing Crystal Palace on the way to the training grounds. As a plan it worked well, always a worrying sign.

We arrived at the training ground about 1905 and initially I had some problems finding Cosmic Horrors, they were quite thinly spread but that changed and I found the density to be about right, skill gains seemed reasonable too. I made three trips to different Top Front Side turrets with very little success. Yoghurt joined us at about 1945 after travelling from Calypso in his Quad.

Nocturaline took the second shift. During her stint I visited the Bottom Rear Left, Top Rear and Top Front Left turrets (the last one twice), the loot was about the same with the exception of an 8 PED loot, things were looking bad. Then during the very last visit and on the penultimate kill we managed to say it with a global. During this time Wolta had an issue with lag and was forced to relog, which resolved the issue. I asked Nocturaline to report on her session, skills a bit low, mob density average, there were more in another area but Starfinder III was there so we could not occupy it with out appearing threatening, Nocturaline was also distracted by Space Chat where an idiot who shall remain nameless was preaching.

Wolta was up next, starting a few minutes late. During her session I visited the Bottom Rear Right, Yoghurt reached lvl 5 VSE, I visited the Top Front and got a brief glimpse of Starfinder III but little else, later it was Top Front Right at which point Wolta had to hand over to Nocturaline due to lag again while dispatching the Horrors. I asked Wolta to report but the issue with lag made it impossible so we called it a night.

Nocturaline handed over to Yoghurt for the journey back to Crystal Palace and sat in a turret to provide a little crew training.

Not a good return tonight but at least we got the fanfare.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Space Skilling Saturday 60 (Arse Cheeks)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1850 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads tinyurl.com/mdlts29

An early start by about 15 minutes, Nocturaline was already aboard, I was in the process of positioning the ship to be ready for departure when Wolta logged in aboard ship. We quickly agreed to an early start.

Hour 1, I was piloting, there were plenty of Cosmic Horrors and skill gains were good again but loot was poor, I managed to get a couple of large groups doing plenty of damage and a very small group in the last few minutes which unsurprisingly only managed small amounts of damage.

Hour 2,Wolta took the helm, much damage was evident in Engineering, on my second visit to the turret I managed a 9 PED loot, which was the best so far (by a long way). Wolta had been struggling with me using the lower rear turrets but nailed it this week, it seems practice does help, well done Wolta.

Hour 3, with Nocturaline at the helm, again plenty to do in Engineering again I manage a 9 PED loot on my second visit to the turret. However on my third visit I managed a 10 PED loot, which was the best from the 3 hours we had been doing this. Nocturaline reported many mobs and good skill gains.

I am intending to continue skilling at Rocktropia until things change, although the loot was poor this week there were plenty of mobs and good skill gains which is the reason for doing this in the first place so it’s almost a no brainer (Zombie Horrors).

Entertainment tonight for Wolta was Charlelie Couture, Nocturaline was listening to Panik amongst other things and I listened to the latest Miskatonic Musings podcast as well as several of the youtube offerings related to the web address in the team name.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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