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Warp pickup

It seems to happen so often, people want to be where we are, I’m sure it’s not due to my personality!

Wolta and I were defending Repulse Fireball on Arkadia (not by ourselves). When the call came for a warp transport,  Calypso to Arkadia. I stored my loot and headed space wards, on my first try I could not leave the atmosphere so lost a little height and tried again, this time with success. I summoned Wolta and we departed the Space Station. On entering warp I crashed to desktop, great. On relog I was in the ship and once back in the pilot seat (beating Wolta to it by a whisker) found we had arrived at Calypso on autopilot and all I needed to do was dock.

I summoned our passenger, received payment plus a small tip and we returned to Arkadia, this time on manual and with no incident. Our passenger made his own way to the surface. I docked the ship and Wolta and I headed back to the surface in my quad. All too easy really.

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