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Answering the call

A previous passenger contacted me needing transport from Calypso to Arkadia, as both Wolta and I were already on Arkadia we needed to perform a pick-up, I headed spacewards while negotiating the price.

Once aboard I summoned Wolta who headed straight to Engineering while I took the helm. We left Arkadia Space Station and went to warp as soon as possible. The warp exit was very close to Calypso Space Station and I manoeuvred the ship to dock within about 10 seconds.

I summoned our passenger and once aboard immediately left Calypso Space Station again entering warp as soon as possible. Warp exit was not quite so close on the return journey but I was quite happy, we docked without incident and our passenger left for the space station happy with the service, which is always nice to know.

Wolta and myself attempted to shuttle to the surface but a couple of pirates were hanging about, Wolta was about to log so we returned to the ship where she did. I manoeuvred the ship to act as a safe marker on route to the planet and then took the quad, this time there were no pirates and I headed straight to the surface.

The negotiation has got me thinking about our pick-up prices, perhaps they are a little unfair. I shall be reviewing these tomorrow.


I was in the process of purchasing more gold for further SI upgrades when I got a call from one of our regular tricks, he wanted to go from Cyrene to Rocktropia and was in a bit of a hurry. I completed the purchases and seeing as I was going into space took the gold with me. Once aboard the Pathfinder I noticed that the health bars were at less than half way (probably due to the previous SI upgrade). I upgraded with the gold I had and then fully repaired the ship before setting off for Cyrene at warp speed.

Once at Cyrene Space Station I informed the trick  and when he was ready he requested a summons, I summoned him and waited nothing happened. I tried again, still nothing. I asked if he was receiving the summons and he said he was not, hmmmmm! I was going to try a re-log when an idea struck me, I asked if it was Cyrene that he was on, it wasn’t, he was on Arkadia!

I returned to the pilot’s seat and warped to Arkadia were the summons worked first time and we speedily warped to Rocktropia.

On arrival I charged only half the price of the erroneous jump and he left for the surface.

For the time being that is the last of the SI upgrades, the money I had put aside for it has now been used so I can stop checking the auction for gold.



Price hike :(

Due to the fairly dramatic increase in mark up between the purchase of the last warp drive and this one I have no choice but to increase the price of warp flights. Primary warps have increased by 3 PED to 23 PED, subsequent warps have increased by 2 PED to 17 PED. Please see the Pricing page for details.

Hopefully the mark up will drop before I need to purchase the next one. My apologies .

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