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Space Skilling Saturday 16 (Some friendly banter)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge & Myself.

Nocturaline travelled to this session from Calypso in her Quad, there’s dedication for you. All were on-line on time and the summons was issued to bring Wolta and Vinge aboard.

Wolta took us out and had the first hour in the chair, she obviously had no problems finding mobs, I was busy repairing non-stop for the entire hour. I had devised a small competition for everyone this week and explained it in chat, Wolta was too busy piloting to read it so I asked her to do so when she finished.

I was up next, there were a lot of Cosmic horrors about tonight and the skilling was good, I checked in with Wolta a few times but got no response other than a short message to do with drinking, later she went AFK and later still logged out, I’m guessing a time out after falling asleep at the keyboard. I don’t blame her, I was tired and a little drunk myself and I have said before piloting is tiring, enjoyable but tiring.

Nocturaline was next and again I was kept busy at repair, plenty of mobs, plenty of skills. I had been reading Space Chat and some of it had been quite odd this evening which is a good thing, someone came on and shouted “PIIIIIIIIGGGGSSSSS IIIINN SSSSPPPPAAAAAACCCCCCEEEEEEE” , it did make me laugh, been a long time since I have seen the Muppets. I did get a couple of skill gains during this session, they are quite rare now.

Vinge passed on pilot so I went again, I do prefer it to repair even though it takes more effort. During this session Vinge reached level 10n VSE which is a cause for celebration. Also Space Chat became rather entertaining, both Vinge and myself joined in the banter and advertised the ship’s availability for skilling after someone (sorry I forget the name) joined space chat requesting a position at a repair station, unfortunately we were near to the end of our session by then but I did pass on the web address, maybe someone will take a look. Quite a lot of friendly banter ensued regarding websites and skilling locations. Vinge seemed to be looking for a liaison with Bonnie (on the Normandie I think) but she was having none of it. We also touched on objects you can fly through (Crystal Palace), objects you can’t fly though (some space rocks, the ones in Gordon’s Belt spring to mind), Structural Integrity improvements, drinking, drinking while piloting a space vessel and the possible punishments that may be bestowed on someone found guilty.

For a change I took us into the Space Station instead of blowing the ship and repairing, it seemed the best thing to do as I was very close and the mobs had stopped giving skills so best to turret them.

A good fun session, a pity that Wolta missed it. I have not made much use of Space Chat to date but I think in future I will be doing so. Gratz to Vinge for reaching level 10 VSE. I shall add something to the Skilling page in the next few days with reference to the competition, I intend to run it every week when there is more than one person who could win, although I did not run it this week, still in the planning stage, well not really planning it’s to simple for that, more communication really.

Tonight’s entertainment for me consisted of 2 “Mike & Mike” podcasts, an “Inside the Huddle” podcast, and both “The Cats of Ulthar” and “The Hound” both on the HPPodcraft website.

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