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Space Skilling Saturday 190 (Disconnected if French)

Start Location:- Crystal Palace.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads random shit happens

I arrive in time and take the ship to Crystal Palace to pick up Nocturaline and Wolta, Nocturaline teleports in but Wolta is not on line yet. Antzy needs a summons so I return to the Space Station to Summon and trade with Antzy. While there Wolta logs in, I ask Nocturaline to take us back to Crystal Palace while I trade and once there I Summon Wolta who takes the helm and takes us to the training grounds.

Wolta’s hour:- We encounter the Cosmic Horrors at 1813, kills 28 for a 30 PED loot. Nothing to report. At one point all the French were disconnected, which makes a change.

Cee’s hour:- Horrors are sparsely distributed. Kills 39 for 28, 15 and 11 PED loots,  apologised to the crew for the lack of damage, the spacing was horrible.

Nocturaline’s hour:- Kills 38 for a 12 PED loot. Reports low mob density and +1.93 on Captain. Also experienced lag.

A loss of 43 PED and a return of 86%, not too bad I suppose.

Space Skilling Saturday 165 (Wolta’s RK was sleeping!)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space.
Time:- 1854 MA.
Present:- Antzy, Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads time to get up?

I arrive on time and once ready am summoned to Nocturaline’s Starfinder from where I transport aboard the Pathfinder via Rocktropia Space Station. The crew for this week follow while I position the ship for departure.

Wolta takes us out and also has the first hour. Wolta thinks she has picked up a group of horrors that were following another ship. Wolta reports many Horrors and was listening to Credence Clearwater Revival. Kills 32 with a loot in the 40s.

My hour. Pathfinder XXI spotted and skilling by the looks of it, may have rustled a couple of Horrors from it.  Horror density was about normal maybe a bit low. Skills seemed about average. Kills 37 with 2 loots of note, one in the 20s another in the 30s

Nocturaline’s hour. Reports no other ships spotted and good density of Horrors. Kills 43 with only poor loots. After Nocturaline returns us to Rocktropia Space Station.

I am running low on Welding Wire and RKs, I will need to make a supply run soon.

A loss of 89 PED which gives a return of 71%.

Space Skilling Saturday 119 (a brief visit from Antzy in her pantzy. Get it? )

Start Location:- Rocktropian Space
Time:- 1800 MA .
Present:- Antzy, Kahlan, Martina, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads OnAMissionFromGod

We started on time, all except Maritina were aboard and she was soon summoned. Wolta took us out and began her hour at 1808, when we encountered the Cosmic Horrors of which Wolta reports there were few. Shortly after a nearly naked Antzy arrived in Engineering and she and Maritina logged to sort out a mouse issue. Kahlan joins at 1828. Wolta tells me she increased the S. I. This afternoon by 0.1 per section, thank you Wolta, it all helps. My second visit to the turrets gave a 17 and a 25 PED loot, including a generic fuse.

I take the 2nd hour, a decent amount of Horrors, a few more would be nice, skills seemed good too. About 30 minutes in Nocturaline suffered a disconnect, no one in engineering made any effort to cover the loss and I decided to let the ship blow, there has been a lot of not paying attention going on lately and I thought a big bang might shake things up a bit. Maybe a little more attention will be paid in future.  Wolta apologised for leaving her post.

Nocturaline’s hour begins with Kahlan vanishing and Antzy returning, I had invited Antzy to #sleepyheads earlier and this worked, getting to have quite a few members which is very pleasing. With about 25 minutes left and after 2 visits to the turrets Nocturaline reports a lack of Horrors and at the end a gain of 4% on Captain which is not bad apparently.

Nocturaline listens to Lindemann. Wolta has peace and quiet but only because she forgot to play any music until late when she listens to Boby Lapointe. Antzy, Kahlan and Maritina talk. I listen to Miles Davis and some mixed Jazz albums.

Space Skilling Saturday 85 (Close to a global but not close enough)

Location:- Graveyard Fields.
Time:- 1750 MA.
Present:- Antzy, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads crew the Ghostship.

This session began at Calypso Space Station and we had a potential new crew member (Antzy Angelove Heaven) trying out. By 1750 everyone was aboard so Wolta piloted us away from the dock and engaged warp for the journey to Graveyard Fields.

We began taking damage almost as soon as we arrived, Wolta kept us busy in Engineering and later reported that skill gains were not good. I had a few sessions as the guns with fairly low loots.

I took the second stint, skills seemed OK to me and Cosmic Horrors were easy enough to find, I did get a few decent loots during the killing sprees.

Nocturaline took the last shift, again Engineering was busy, she reported that skill gains were OK. In the turrets I did get an almost global, its been so long. At one point Nocturaline took so much damage that the ship almost blew, she left the seat and at that moment disconnected, as did Wolta. The damage kept on coming but we just managed to prevent disaster.

At the end we headed for Arkadia Space Station at Sub-warp with me at the helm, calculations showed this would take about 70 minutes, I was too tired for that so I engaged warp, emerging directly below and very close to the Space Station. After docking Antzy, Nocturaline Wolta and I descended to the planet in 2 Quads and an Equus which was fun, nice to fly in a group. Phil remained aboard, he lives there and may I add never cleans up, some weeks we are wading through empty and some not so empty pizza boxes. I’ll have to flush the ship soon!


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