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Some impromptu training

Later that day both Jo and Lizzy were on line. Although I had added some ingots earlier in the week, the vessel had taken no damage. We headed at sub-warp to the Calypso training grounds and I annoyed some Cosmic Horrors, with Jo and Lizzy at the repair stations I found I could fly by many of these at speed with out incurring any significant damage, we all got some good skills.

Returned to Calypso Space Station where Jo and Lizzy continued to skill while I logged off.

Return to Calypso

Our passenger of the 3rd of March required a safe transit back to Calypso as he was carrying ores. Once our client was aboard and logged out Wolta took repair and I took the pilot seat. The warp was uneventful, on arrival the site was updated and our passenger logged back in and headed to the surface.

A Pick-Up, There and back again

Whilst on Rocktropia, I receive a PM from a Crew Member (Henry) asking how far it is to Rocktropia, when told he was somewhat disappointed and asked if I could take him and how much it would cost. I explained I was already there and that 2 warp jumps would be required, factored in a 25% discount for Crew, rounded down to the nearest PED and came up with 26PED, Henry was happy with this so Wolta and I quickly stored the various loot we has acquired and headed skyward.

The warp to Calypso was routine and once there I summoned Henry and an extra crew member to help with repair, Calico. There was a short delay on leaving as Henry was checking to see if anyone wanted to come with him. Another routine warp jump back to Rocktropia.

The trip to the surface was quite eventful; Wolta took Calico in her Sleipnir, whilst I took Henry in a Quad, in order to fly together this involved continually stopping and starting the Quad as it is considerably faster. Consequently I was distracted and we were attacked by another Quad, Henry returned fire whilst I attempted to dodge however once one is on your tail it is quite difficult to shake them and we were destroyed. The quad then went after Wolta and Calico, they were also destroyed. I do not recall the name of the pilot but the triangle was green.

We re-grouped on the Space Station, repaired and set out again, this time without incident.

Planet Leave

It has been a quiet week aboard the Pathfinder XXXI (I really must think of a proper name for the ship, other than the obvious that is). I did warp out to Hephaestus Space Station solo and back with Slarty one evening and Wolta and I used it to visit Crystal Palace, a touch of overkill there I think.

I did improve the S.I. a bit more but I really do not know how tough the ship is, it needs battle testing, no doubt the occasion will present it’s self.

I finally managed to put a price list page on this site, I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this. Simple and flexible are a tricky combination.

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