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A solo warp from Rocktropia to Calypso Space Station.

Warp journey.

Moved the ship from Crystal Palace to Arkadia Space station via Calypso Space station as a visit to the planet was necessary prior to the jump.

Space Skilling Saturday 246 (At Calypso I)

Start Location:- Calypso Space Station.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads farewell Gold Cards

I arrive with hardly any time to spare and have to haul arse to get off the surface with a fresh RK-20. I take the ship to Crystal Palace to pick up Nocturaline and Wolta logs while on the way. Once at Crystal Palace I hand the ship over to Wolta. We encounter the Horrors at 1811.

Wolta’s hour:- Wolta reports a gain of 2.54% in Captain, good mob density and that she is happy to have left Monria. Loot was low.
Kills: 12 + 15

Cee’s hour:- Poor loot, skills and distribution, MA got the hat trick.
Kills: 16 + 28

Nocturaline’s hour:- Nocturaline reports a gain of 1.36 in Captain skill and good mob density. I notice an I initial marginal increase in loot but it was corrected.
Kills: 25 + 16

This week’s stats.
Kill total – 112
Balance – Loss of 110 PED
Return – 64%

Next week we will be in the Calypso system.

Subwarp journey

In readiness for tomorrow’s Space Skilling Saturday, I move the ship from Monria Space Station to Calypso Space Station. On leaving Monria I see one hostile quad which is heading in by the same general direction and rapidly leaves me behind. I stopped at FOMA briefly.

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