Space Skilling Saturday 237 (At Rocktropia III)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space Station.
Time:- 1802 MA.
Present:- Nocturaline, Ntina, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads feat. the Log Lady

I arrive with time to spare, once aboard I position the ship and create the team. Nocturaline is already waiting. Once all are ready we leave, encountering the horrors at 1806.

Wolta’s hour:- Reports a gain of 2.04% in Captain skill and good mob density.
Kills: 14 + 17

Cee’s 21 minutes:- Ntina joins 1908. I am struggling to remain awake, after several recoveries I fall asleep having collected about 10 horrors and the ship blows. Looking at chat it seems only Wolta noticed anything and there were several YouTube links shared. I hand over to Nocturaline after just 21 minutes as I am not sure I can stay awake.
Kills: 0

Nocturaline’s hour:- While leaving Rocktropia Space Station we are followed by a hostile but it warps. Nocturaline received a little shrapnel from the first horror, we do not know how. Nocturaline reports that mob density was OK and a 1.08% gain in Captain skill.
Kills: 14 +20 +7

This week’s stats.
Kill total – 72
Balance – Loss of 72 PED
Return -66%

Next week Space Skilling Saturday will still be at Rocktropia.

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