Sub-Warp, Next Island to Rocktropia

With Space Skilling Saturday being at Rocktropia this week I figured it would work better if the ship was actually there so set off at Sub-Warp. Shortly after leaving I realised the length of the journey would cause me some time issues so I diverted to Howling mine where I remained while I sorted a few things out.

Once done it was onto Rocktropia. I spotted eight Cosmic Horrors as I passed through Rackham’s Nest, an Alpha attacked but was soon left behind. Nothing more happened until I approached Rocktropia Space Station when a hostile took three pot shots at me before giving up and moving on, looks like they were heading to where I came from.

I positioned the ship ready for departure to the Training Grounds and then found I was unable to leave the seat. The issue was resolved by a relog. Once back aboard I repaired the minimal damage caused by the Cosmic Horror Alpha and the hostile.

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