2017 in review

The Sleepyheads
As I have come to expect, the crew have been outstanding this year, the core can be be relied on completely. In the rare instances when someone cannot make a session I am informed as early as possible and the necessary changes, if any are made.

A big thank you goes out to the crew for your loyalty and friendship, its you that makes this possible.

The ship
Upgrades to the Structural Integrity have been ongoing when the opportunities have presented themselves. I have a target in mind and it has almost been reached, I will expect this target to be reached early in 2018 at which point the rate of improvement will slow but not stop.

Changes made by MindArk have reduced the ship’s combative capabilities. For a long time the Armament Device I have installed would allow two turrets to be used at a time but this has been reduced to 1.6 or one. Fortunately for most of what the ship is used for one turret is enough. I will be looking at improving this situation in 2018.

I remember MindArk having some plans to improve space, so far their is no sign of improvement. Truth be told it is significantly worse than this time last year. Lag has become a big issue especially when shooting mobs from a turret also when entering a turret it is not uncommon to have the pilots view instead of the gunner’s so it is necessary to leave the seat and re-enter, both of these things cost the player PED.

A minor change for the coming year, Globals/HoFs (should there be any) will be listed with the latest one at the top as opposed to the bottom of the list.

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