Space Skilling Saturday 195 (At Arkadia I)

Start Location:- Arkadia Space Station.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present: Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:-  Sleepyheads are at it again!

It was easy to be ready tonight, I was already aboard ship.

Wolta’s hour:- Varyag is sported. On my way from the guns to repair rubber banding caused me to get stuck part way in a wall, I had to press T. Wolta hears a ship explode towards the end of her hour. Wolta reports she is listening to William Sheller. Kills 20 for a 10 and an 8 PED loot.

Cee’s hour:- I think I pick up part of the stack of whoever’s ship exploded as I get no skills. Falling asleep at the helm! Skills seem OK but loot was low. Kills 40 for a 10 and a 12 PED loot.

Nocturaline’s hour:- Reports no Horrors to be seen at first. Varyag spotted after first visit to the guns. 2.21% on Captain. Kills 37 for a 14 PED loot.

A loss of 103 PED being a return of 46%.

I teleport to the Arkadian surface to stash what loot I did get. Next week we stay at Arkadia.

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