Space Skilling Saturday 192 (Sleeping on the job)

Start Location:- Crystal Palace.
Time:- 1754 MA.
Present: Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:-  Sleepyheads never a truer word!

There is plenty of time after login to get the ship to the Space Station to summon Wolta. We are all ready and depart at 1754 with Wolta at the helm. We engage with the Cosmic Horrors at 1813.

Wolta’s hour:-  It took a few minutes to find the first Horror! Kahlan joins at 1825. Wolta struggles to summon me to the turrets as I was dozing! Kills 33 for a couple of 5s an 11 and a 6 PED, not sure it was worth waking up for.

Cee’s hour:- Kills 32 for a 15 and a 5. I finish early as am in danger of sleeping and setting the ship adrift (sounds fun maybe I’ll do it deliberately sometime just to see what the crew do).

Nocturaline’s hour:- Kills 42 for a 6. Nocturaline had to go to repair. By this time I was dozing at regular intervals and if I asked for reports from the crew I made no note of them. I do know that Nocturaline returned us to Crystal Palace.

I apologise for sleeping on the job.

This weeks result was a loss of 143 PED and a return of just 58%.

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