Space Skilling Saturday 190 (Disconnected if French)

Start Location:- Crystal Palace.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads random shit happens

I arrive in time and take the ship to Crystal Palace to pick up Nocturaline and Wolta, Nocturaline teleports in but Wolta is not on line yet. Antzy needs a summons so I return to the Space Station to Summon and trade with Antzy. While there Wolta logs in, I ask Nocturaline to take us back to Crystal Palace while I trade and once there I Summon Wolta who takes the helm and takes us to the training grounds.

Wolta’s hour:- We encounter the Cosmic Horrors at 1813, kills 28 for a 30 PED loot. Nothing to report. At one point all the French were disconnected, which makes a change.

Cee’s hour:- Horrors are sparsely distributed. Kills 39 for 28, 15 and 11 PED loots,  apologised to the crew for the lack of damage, the spacing was horrible.

Nocturaline’s hour:- Kills 38 for a 12 PED loot. Reports low mob density and +1.93 on Captain. Also experienced lag.

A loss of 43 PED and a return of 86%, not too bad I suppose.

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