Space Skilling Saturday 169 (Internet routing issues, probably)

Start Location:- Rocktropia Space.
Time:- 1845 MA.
Present:- Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Internet routing!!!!

I arrived late as I could not connect to EU or any mindark site although I could connect to every other site I tried. Several e-mails were sent between Wolta, Nocturaline and myself. After over an hour of trying it started to work, I suspect some internet routing issues although both my ISP and my 4G provider had the same problem and there were UK based accounts on-line. The result of this was that we began about 45 minutes late. I said I would forego my pilot session as both Wolta and Nocturaline waited patiently for me to arrive however things transpired somewhat differently.

Wolta’s hour:- turns out it’s just half an hour and with only 5 horrors, Wolta was too tired to continue.

Nocturaline insisted I take a stint as pilot so I split the remaining time between us giving us 40 minutes each.

My 40 minutes:- I kill 26 Horrors and get next to nothing in return.

Nocturaline’s 40 minutes:- There are 31 kills that included a 10 and a 7 PED  loot. Nocturaline reports there are plenty of Horrors. After the 40 minutes she takes us back to Rocktropia Space Station where the crew disembark.

A loss of 92 PED and a return of 51%.

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