Space Skilling Saturday 129 (Phil Warps it) 

Start Location:- Rocktropian Space
Time:- 1758 MA .
Present:- Kahlan, Nocturaline, Phil, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Phil makes pilot

With Phil’s attainment of level 25 VSE last week and with him saving the day I decided to give him pilot status even though he has never expressed any interest in piloting.

The usual suspects were all aboard before 1800 and Wolta took us out a couple of minutes early.

Wolta’s hour did not start well after only 5 minutes she suffered a disconnect but was soon back on line. The conversation soon turned to snot, literally, we were talking bogeys. Shortly after my first appalling visit to the guns, Wolta announces she has reached lvl 18 Captain, gratz are given. The second session at the guns was much improved with one loot of almost 20 PED and another of about 10. Kahlan joined just as I was called to the guns for the third time, I despatched the few Horrors, took control and invited her to the team.

My hour started well with a decent number of Horrors available. The loot throughout was poor and skill gains were low. Both Nocturaline and Myself had forgotten to start the clock so a guesstimate was made and stuck to.

Nocturaline takes hour 3, shortly after Kahlan logs to go for a beer, at least one of us has some sense. 10 minutes into Nocturaline’s session and Wolta had done nothing, I tried waking her up with some explosions from an arsonistic chip but no luck so I removed her from the ships guest list and while she was dying in space re-added her, she seemed a little more alert after that but not much!

Nocturaline returned us to Rocktropia where I TP’d to the surface, collected some lootables and then returned to the ship.

Phil then took the helm for the first time and warped us (flawlessly) to Crystal Palace where I disembarked. Nocturaline and Phil will be making use of the ship during the week and I am to meet them at Calypso Space Station next Saturday. I have to make more welding wire and RKs before then.

Loss for the session was 109 PED, a return of 64%

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